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Tech Inc CTF Challenge Website Scoreboard

For 'In Progress' listings, please put the highest level of the challenge that you have already completed!

There's also a global challenge scoreboard, that might be fun to use:



This is a good set of Linux challenges - it starts super-easy, and gets harder.. there's 24 levels in total!

Finished: Brainsmoke, Melanie, Narya, Philip, Cool_Fire

In Progress
Ultratux 20
PrototypeX29A 16
Mr. Seeker 15
Mariejel 9


In Progress
Stef 3
Melanie 2


In Progress
Melanie 2

30 levels atm (24 December 2013)

Finished: Brainsmoke

In Progress
Ultratux 4
Philip 4
PrototypeX29A 4
Melanie 2
Narya 1

This is popular w/ the Dutch community, and it features web hacking (start w/ Essential Security) and other stuff..

In Progress (Level)
Stef 9
Melanie 4
Philip 4
cFire 9

This is all about embedded low-level hacking (aka hacking the doorbot). It features an MSP430 with a debugger, your task is to exploit the lock so you can gain entry to new locations.

In progress
MrSeeker Cusco