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Skills Hardware, Software, Basic harware software, Reverse engineering firmware
Status Dead
Niche Electronics
Purpose World domination
  • NOTE* AS of halfway 2017, this device has been taken apart and scrapped entirely after having lived in the ACTA basement for a long period of time.

In other word: this project is dead.

Reverse engineering parts if not the complete system. And repurposing parts and the case for HackerSpace use.

Location of part(s)

About: The big blue Parking ticket machine located near the 3d printing tables.


Pictures of parts

CodeAsm You, if you took some :D

Make the reciept printer work


Reverse engineer the inner workings

All intrested?

Fix the money detecting device


This part is about what to do with the coin detect and sorting device. Some ppl might be intrested

Server / TechCoin

Maybe we can repurpose or add a Server (19) rack into this case?

Buttons and leds

Make em work or do atleast some awesome things For: Everyone?

Inner working

How dous it work or atleast how did it ever worked ?


Three wireing papers, found inside the machine

image 1.
image 2.
image 3.

made by CodeAsm