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When giving new people a tour of the space, the following can be considered a good guide to how to go about it:

  • brief history of the space
  • purpose of the space (allow people to come and do projects)
  • How the space is funded
  • Space layout
  • List some rules of the space (rule 0 is a good one, as are rules 4 and 6 AND 7)
  • Membership costs etc
  • Where to grab food/drink
  • How to open/close
  • Powerbars, how do they work(?!)
  • Wifi PSK

Then move onto asking about that persons interest

  • what are their hobbies/interests
  • did they come to the hackspace for any reason in particular?
  • are they using proper footwear?

Based on the response, try and point them at the direction of someone who is also interested in that area/topic. Make sure they know that they can approach you again at any time. Coming to a hackspace for the first time can be a daunting experience, doubly so if you don't know anyone.