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The "Three weeks - free for all" is shorthand for the process of how we handle stray objects cluttering our shared space.


Uncluttered work surfaces and space are at a premium. Store your things appropriately (in your memberbox, maybe?) when you leave the space (Rule #5). All items that are the property of a member should be labelled as such (Rule #8). We know this is not always the case.

We also know people sometimes forget to store their property when they leave.

It's a bit rude to just dump left behind belonging in the trash or, alternatively, disperse the items into different parts of the space shelves for other members to reuse. So, as a service to those that forget to keep their own possessions in order, we follow the process below.

What if you find a cluttered table

If you find stuff cluttering workspaces, especially on the tables and doubly especially if you're opening the space: review if the item is labelled.

  • If it is, add it to that member's box and/or alert them about it.
  • If it is unlabeled then pickup the 3weeks box and put the item in the box.

The 3weeks-Free-For-All process

There are three boxes in a fixed place (currently next to the entrance door, below the books). Their positions (not the boxes) are labelled: 3 weeks, 2 weeks and 1 week.

  • Whenever objects are found that are not labelled, not trash, and not in storage, they get moved straight into the 3 weeks box. Common sense is applied.
  • Owners who have lost their belonging may check the boxes and recover them from the 3, 2, and 1 week boxes.
  • Weekly (before the social?) the following happens:
    • The contents of the "1 week" box gets dumped into the trash. The person doing the dumping MAY decide that some item is worthy to keep in the space as free to use and SHOULD store it into an appropriate shelve.
    • The 2week box gets moved into the "1 week" position.
    • The 3week box gets moved into the "2 week" position
    • The old 1 week box (now empty) will be moved into the 3 week position.

Related to this, for objects too large to fit into the boxes, that "appear in the space" there is registration page.