35c3 Congress Everywhere Day3

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35c3 Congress Everywhere Day3
Date 2018/12/29
Time 17:00
Location (h)ACTA
Type Congress
Contact Becha


  • CCC Talks of CCC Congress 2018
  • Amsterdam Light Festval 2019 planning
  • Beer appreciation

CCC Congress

Congress Everywhere - for people NOT in Leipzig, communal watching of talks, recorded or live; also the enjoyment re-creation of the atmosphere of the congress!

Beer tasting, loud music (in the OTHER room), takeaway food, cold nights, sounds of Mate bottles falling while one is trying to hear the talk... what's not to like!!


During the evening

Curated by Becha

Also, lots of interesting talks in German - I wonder how can we follow those??

OK OK some technical talks too...


&& Day One - curated by Podinski - in Berlin: http://xlterrestrials.org/plog/?p=18487

Amsterdam Lightfestival 2019

Last year, 2017, there was a brainstorm session for submissions to the Amsterdam LightFestival 2018. Multiple designs were made, some were submitted and one of them made it through the first selection committee. Sadly, it was not among the final selection for 2018.


Why do once what you can do twice ?

So this year, again, we're going to get together and talk about designs, ideas, etc, for the Amsterdam LightFestival. This time it's for 2019!

Please, everyone who has cool ideas, technical know-how, time, space, etc... join us for a wild series of thought-experiments and conceptualizing. Let's get 'dem lights a-blinking!

2019 theme: DISRUPT!

Page for the brainstorming: Amsterdam_Lightfestival_2019


TechInc is home to a number of passioned home-brewers who at times brew in the space and at even more times serve beer in the space. There'll be freshly tapped beer available from the Internet-Tap(tm) that we have, as well as multiple home-brews in bottle-formfactor.

If you are passionate about beer or are just curious, please join for an impromptu beer-tasting session where we'll pass through a pallet of tastes , from sweet to bitter to sour, from light to dark to oil... Oh, and we might even try a pilsner...you know, to clear the mouth of taste. ;)

If you have any beer to share, either homebrewed or specially selected ...please bring it with you !