Amsterdam Lightfestival 2019

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Status Dead
Niche Community
Purpose Fun


  • 27 December brainstorm
  • 2 January (social TechInc)
  • ...
  • submission deadline 21 January 2019

For last years ideas see: Amsterdam_Light_Festival_2018

Artist briefing

Result of brainstorm session

  • Lichtgevende voegen tussen straat-tegels.
    • Alternatief, lichtgevende regenafvoer putten. Praktische vraag: Hoe krijgen we daar energie?
  • Bike light, "pay the fine or we'll post to twitter."
  • Boat observer
  • Straatlantarens die ook spotlights zijn voor voorbijgangers.
  • Memory of Light Have a series of (old metal) pipes, with (round turning) valves so that you can select a disruptive event and turn them and with the light released from the pipe, you illuminate a picture (pictures) connected to the event. There are pictures, one for each disruptive event. When an event is selected that picture lights up more brightly. In the middle of the pipes is a space for projection pictures or videos related to the event.

List of ideas