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20140103 145141-weatherduino.jpg
Participants Narya
Skills Soldering, Coding
Status Dormant
Niche Electronics
Purpose Fun

We got a WeatherDuino PCB via brainsmoke via Frack. Git

It can measure temperature and humidity and you can make pretty graphs of the measurements.

Tutorial for ethernet



  • Combined a webserver example with the weatherduino code
  • Measurements seem a bit static (read: probably no measurements) Need to check the connections


  • IP address can be determined with the testDHCP example of the EtherCard library
  • Webserver is a combination of the rbbb_server of the EtherCard library with the code from Frack


  • Soldered the components on it, now figuring out the code :)
  • It measures.. and it broadcasts the measurements
  • The python tool listens to the usb port (this was for the LCD display option I guess) and not to the broadcast address, so something needs to be written for this