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Greenpeace Hackathon notes

28-30. November 2014



Electronic logbooks news:



file missing:

SW approved for logbooks in UK: E-Catch (Netherlands), Catchlog, Chartworx, OLRAC and Seatronics 3.1




File:data-structure-ERS-Toelichting_berichtenstructuur e-logboek.pdf



1. Is there a legal obligation to make the data from electronic-logbooks available?

To whom —

a) To the general public (open governance data)

b) or to the journalists under Freedom of Information Act;

c) or under the cord order, in the investigation?


No throwing fish back overboard - to be implemented 2015-2019

Dutch law about bijvangst:



Other news about fisheries from Dutch Government

Companies / corporate information

Payed-for: Amadeus &&

European database containing aggregate information on non-financial companies

Specific case - Jan Maria -> SUBMIT MORE INFORMATION!!!

File:Surveillance Report Pelagic Freezer Trawler Association Atlanto-Scandian Herring Trawl Fishery.pdf

Parlevliet en Van der Plas -> SUBMIT MORE INFORMATION!

Acquired one more company: Heiploeg International:


Open Data

About Maritime Biology, Fisheries



  • e-LICO: An e-Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Collaborative Research in Data Mining and Data-Intensive Science


Register your projects to

About ships & sailing

Other interesting data

  • Wild Leaks


European Commission regulation: Compulsory acoustic devices or 'pingers' required on fishing vessels over 12 metres using fixed gear in the North Sea, Channel and Celtic Sea

File:catch of dolphins - doc.pdf

In the Media


  • Education
    • Greenpeace could inform consumer association (consumentenbond, voedingscentrum) about "good" fish coming from these MSC certified fisheries
    • Greenpeace could mobilize their millions of supporters to write to these consumer associations -- or to boycott buying "dirty" fish...
  • Create a graph/diagram of all the companies that PP owns (like "open oil" graph!), and their contracts / customers...
  • Request that IMDEA publishes where do they get the funding from
  • Ask for (more) whistleblowers to come out from those companies!! (MSC, PP, BLE, NVWA, ships...)

What can I do

  • Show the Zembla documentary at the movie evenings (Citizen Kino, hackerspace...)
  • Give a presentation at 31c3, and ask German hackers to help out with BLE!

Ask Investigative Journalists

...ask other investigative journalists to take an interest in tis story!