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We would like to start organizing a semi-regular series of "Tinkering Evenings", where we could get together and focus on specific things like:

  • Introduction to a tool in the space (by some expert) and hands-on work by others new to the tool
  • Bringing a non-functional tool in the space to working order
  • Introduction to some technique (e.g. locksmithing), skill, piece of software, etc. by one or more experts and hands-on work by others new to the topic
  • etc.

Basically anything that involves improving and/or sharing information about tools/techniques among ourselves, with an emphasis on hands-on work. (A number of the ad-hoc workshops and OOH events effectively fall into this category, so mostly what we are trying to do here is organizing a more regular cadence of such events...)

The hope here is that we can begin to organize regularly such "Tinkering Evenings" separate from the Wednesday social evening. For the moment we are not going to pick a specific evening during the week (both Tuesday and Thursday were proposed, but neither worked perfectly for a subset of people polled), but instead simply choose as best we can from week to week.

Near term "Tinkering Evening" schedule

(This information should migrate to the "Events" calendar once the rhythm is eastablished.)

  • Thursday, 31 Jan, 2013 (18:00-) - Bring the Vinyl Cutting Plotter closer to working order
  • Week of 4-8 Feb?
  • Thursday, 14 Feb, 2013 (19:30-23:00) - Wonderful Wiki Workshop
  • Week of 18-22 Feb?
  • Week of 25 Feb - 1 Mar?
  • Week of 4 Mar - 8 Mar?

Possible future topics

  • Bringing the Vinyl Cutting Plotter] to working order - first session scheduled on 31 Jan, 2013
    • Interested: Peter
  • PCB lighting
    • Interested:
  • Bringing the 3D Printer to working order
    • Willing to lead session:
    • Interested: Peter
  • Bringing the ShapeokoCNC to working order
    • Willing to lead session: Peter
    • Interested:
  • Repairing the ElectricKiln
    • Willing to lead session:
    • Interested: Peter

Other ideas