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For registering for the 2021-06-26 ALV, please visit ALV June 2021

From 2021-06-26 the following measures will be in place:

  • The techinc SOCIAL NIGHT is oficially 'back'
  • We anticipate no more than 20 people in the space at any one time
  • We *strongly* ask members to ensure proper ventilation
    • (open doors/windows, etc)
  • We ask members to conduct themselves RESPONSIBLY
  • Members get precedence over non-members for entry
    • Again, we do not anticipate needing to tackle this, but be mindful of

inviting/bringing non-members

  • Layout suggestion:
    • Mainspace + dirtyroom: 13 people, spread out over the room
    • Aux-space: 7 people, spread out over the room

  • If the space is FULL, please TALK with eachother and come to a workable arrangement. We do not anticipate issues at this moment.

Q & A

May I do anything like normal ?
Yes, all facilities are available, but realize that there might not be someone around to call 112 for you in case of accidents or emergency. Keep safe.