Soldering Workshop: The through-hole edition

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Soldering Workshop: The through-hole edition
Date 2014/07/10
Location ACTA
Type Workshop
Contact Chotee

Technologia Incognita will be organizing a soldering workshop. The focus of this workshop is through-hole soldering (as opposed to surface mount or SMD soldering). You are ofcourse free to solder SMD as well, but that's not going to be the focus.

We'll start at 19:30 and we expect the workshop to be done by 21:00. You are free to stay and continue working after that, of course.


The program

  • Quick introduction to soldering. Maybe 15 minutes.
  • Soldering (30mins)
  • Some tips and tricks (10 minutes)
  • More soldering.


  • We'll provide a few soldering kits. Well be selling them at cost+shipping+consumables.
  • Even if you bring your own widget to solder, we'd really appreciate a €3 donation to replace the consumables.
  • Bringing your own widget and consumable, it's free!

We do have quite a few soldering stations and accessories, but you are encouraged to bring your own gear as well.

Who is coming

Interested in buying a Kit, reserve below

  • Branko, TVBGone