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Pledge Type Infrastructure
Pledge Leader User:Wizzup
Approximate Target €165
Running Total €72.08
Status Failed


To make the upcoming ALV smoother, we are hoping to purchase some
equipment to create mumble "talk boxes" at various points in the space
to make it much easier for members present at the ALV (physically) to
talk (and also make it easier for remote participants to listen in).
This way, we can hopefully reduce the feedback problems we had last time.

To this end, we plan to acquire the following. Katje put together this
bill of materials:

- - Raspberry Pi - Zero w                        €11.50
- - Respeaker 2-mics Pi Hat                      €11.95
- - MicroSD cards                                €4.99

- - Roll of filament                             €14.50 + 3.95 postage

In total, we expect we'll need about 165 Euro, *if we buy all the
Raspberry pi* devices. If we run short of this amount, we might be able
to use the loaned Raspi devices, but that means that the 5 devices won't
be at the space, so we would have to loan them again if we have a need
for talk boxes in the near future (and hope they are still available for

So I suggest we attempt to get enough pledges for 165 euro, which would
fund the whole project, and leave us with Talk boxes to use for space
projects, for purposes outside of ALVs (potentially remote participants
of events).

If we end up short of the 165 euro, we will buy the equipment sans some
Raspberry pi's, as some members will loan us some.

I will go first, and pledge 33 euro of the 165 euro - the price of one
full kit.


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  • €33 -- Wizzup
  • €12.34 -- bigmac
  • €13.37 -- hp197
  • €13.37 -- hp197