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Date 2021/10/30
Time 13:00 and onwards
Location Louwesweg 1
Type Hackathon
Contact 3p1c, chip, bakboter, justa, piele


We like to start a party weekend for members and aspiring members. Which will start with a Hackathon, continue with a LAN party and end Sunday evening the 31st in a Hackoween party. There will be 150 liters of specially brewn beer flowing from our NetTap and some tasting sessions. of beer, whiskey and coffee.

Several people have already offered to hold lightningtalks about ESP32 home automation, VPN, Wireguard or TrueNAS/FreeNAS.

If you have any project you'd like to share to gain momentum or show of please let us know. We'd love to give you a slot to tell and share.

Otherwise if you have ideas to help set-up a CTF (capture the flag) do a soldering workshop, a beginners electronics workshop show of one of our cool devices in the maker line (the cutter, 3d printer, lasercutter e.d.) Please let us know also.

Also members that just like to volunteer or providing refreshments are welcome to pitch-in.

We'd love to show of our space this weekend to new likeminded people and possible attract (new) members. Since we direly need a few more members to keep our space afloat. But also kick-start our community again with sharing our passions and build up and improve our space.