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Date 2021/10/30
Time 13:00 and onwards
Location Louwesweg 1
Type Hackathon
Contact justa, piele, fnoerd, 3p1c, chip, bakboter

FINALLY H@ck0w33n!!!

We like to invite you ALL for a Halloween party weekend for members, aspiring members, partners and/or guests wanting to become a member. For Aspiring members and to keep in check with regulations we offer a month membership at the door friendly prized for the remainder of the month. Otherwise we must start QR scanning everybody which means bring your passport and QR app etc..etc...jahdijahdijaah.

We'd love to show of our space this weekend to new likeminded people and welcome new potential members. Since we direly need a few more members to keep our hackerspace afloat.

But mostly kick-start our community back in to gear again with sharing our passions and build up and improve our space. You can bring/become a try-out member for October for 2,50 euro. First Welcome Drink (Bedrankje) for free.

This Party will start on Saturday afternoon the 30th

From 14:00

- There will be a Workshop in 3D Printing for those who wish to learn/hone there skills

 It will be given by our very own official informatics teacher Chip

From 18:00 - ~2400

- The Hack0W33n party will officially be kicked of with music & Beer tasting!

It will start with dinner together & a Beer Event Beer event + Dinner (Justa donate's ~40liter special brewed beer to our space. Available on our NetTap First drink (Bedrankje) for free in case you participate in our Hack0W33n contest. That means: You come EITHER dressed as you favorite bug/creepy crawly/scary thing. AND/OR bring your most interesting project to show of to all of us!

19:00 Hack0W33n CONTEST WILL START - If you don't have anything to show of but you can make it in one night on the space extra points will be awarded!

- You are also welcome to show-of your own projects you have done this corona period

- Meanwhile during the evening there's a BUG Challenge

 Come dressed as wildly as possible as your favorite scary bug or creatures
 The most originally dressed will be awarded the BUG Award.

- A small CTF will be organised on the fly for extra bonus points for one of the awards interchangable.

At ~24:00 we will choose a winner for the Hackers Project Challenge. At ~24:00 we will choose a winner for the Bug Challenge


Please bring your spiders spiderwebs and other decorations to decorate the space!

On SUNDAY afternoon the 31st

We will also have a couple of activities.

Starting at


Coffee tasting experience organized by Epic (Aike en Piele will also join)

There will be a Mazzer coffeegrinder (modified for single dosing) -> Project A Rocket Celini Italian E61 espresso machine and even a demo with a coffeebean roaster to roast green beans. Under the enjoyment of espresso, cappuccino and other coffee recipes we will taste different beans and blends, possibly also some Kopi Luwak Coffee. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kopi_luwak - Donations to the space are welcome-

PAYMENT in general for drinks & dinner please in cash unless you have a REVbank account with a positive balance.

At 18:00 we will order dinner together as much a possible (you are welcome to bring scary dishes though) https://www.instacart.com/company/ideas/holidays/scary-halloween-foods/

At 19:30 - late we will start Halloween Movie Night with some classics

All proceeds/donations minus costs are going to your Hackerspace to lesten the burden on our financial shortage

Please let us know if you come and compete so you’re not 'disjointed' (by putting your name and +1,2,3 under this article and if you stay for dinner on Saturday/Sunday

Member/Deelnemer +1,23 Dinner Satuday Dinner Sunday Vegan/Meat Comment
Bakboter +1 Player
Justa organiser
chip volunteer vegi/little meat music + host
Epic +1 organiser YES YES Meat