Circular plate sawtable

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TechInc Inventory
Description Circular table saw for thin plate materials
Make Mechanik Muntelier AG
Model VA1
Manufacturer Link
Category Mechanics
Operational Status Working
Super Users ultratux, Remko
Received at 2013/11/09
Acquisition Details On loan from Remko (Urban resort)
Owner Remko

Circular precision saw to cut plate materials of max 6 mm thickness. Refer to manufacturer site link above for details. Usable for PCBs, many kinds of plastics to max 6mm thickness, non-ferrous metals IF USED PROPERLY to max 4mm thickness. This tool is made for very precise cuts, so it needs to be handled with respect and patience, without forcing it.

The power switch was bad, I took it [the switch] apart and repaired it Ultratux 02:12, 14 November 2013 (CET)