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[[Inventory information]]
[[drink inventory]]
== Food/drinks and other supplies (supermarket stuff)==
== Food/drinks and other supplies (supermarket stuff)==

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Bureacrat in action. Notice the clipboard


This page outlines 'input and output' of the board and/or other parts of our organisation, such as commissions, etc. involved in helping run the space.


There are details of our 2013 Financials, and Financials_2014 This should be updated on a regular basis.


Day-to-Day things involve stuff that any member might run into and might want to help arrange for the space. This includes arranging food, drink and/or other supplies that might be needed.

Drinks Ordering (Mate/special drinks)

Via User:Gorgabal. To avoid panic, please notify User:Gorgabal if you see that we almost run out of Mate. Drinks are usually ordered at Dorstlust [1]. We have a discount there, so place orders via mail in stead of the website and mention that the order is for "TechInc" and that you take over the task from Barbera.


drink inventory

Food/drinks and other supplies (supermarket stuff)

List of 'approved' consumables

It was decided upon the ALV of the 27th Oct 2013 that there should be a budget that the board could use to pay for un-announced expenses. The goal of this was to make sure that people who ran into issues such as missing dishwasher-soap,kitchen-towels, etc, could go and arrange for replacements/restocking without having to ask for permission first.

If the item purchased was indeed needed (aka: out of stock) and was on a list of pre-approved items (see below) then the re-imbursement for expenses was to be automatic.

The total amount of money in this budget is €50,- monthly. Non-transferrable to the next month. Items and/or item-classes can be added to the 'approved' list if at least 4 members and one board-member.

The current list:

  • Dishwasher soap (board: arndm, 20131106)
  • A4 paper for printer (board: arndm, 20131109)
  • Ziplock bags for food/items (board: arndm, 20131109)