BZT PF-1000P

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TechInc Inventory
Description 3 axis portal style CNC mill. Processable area ca. 660x800mm
Make BZT
Model PF-1000P
Manufacturer Link
Category Mechanics
Operational Status Functional
Super Users Piele, User:Justa
Received at 2022/03/16
Acquisition Details The machine is on loan from Vasili.
Owner Vasili


On 16 March 2022 we have picked up a CNC mill and placed it in the dirty room.

It has been given to us on loan by Vasili, another tenant from the building.

While the machine is complete and should be working upon plugging it in, we currently do not have a controller yet to actually use it. We are thinking of 2 options:

  • A pc with parallel port running LinuxCNC
  • Retrofit the controllerbox with a modern controller

[Needs more information]


The Machine is built by the German machine factory BZT, who build a variety of CNC milling machines.

The dimensions of the machine itself are 1300 x 1030 x 610 mm, but it is placed in an enclosure which is 1420 x 1100 x 700mm.

[TODO: add more specifications]


The machine can not be used at this moment! The following needs to be done before it can be used:

  • Find suitable controller
  • Get tools and routing bits.
  • Create risk assessment & evaluation (RI&E) and machine safety guide
  • Implement extra safety measures
  • Make a dust collection system / suction system
  • Write a training manual

We will require that any person working with this machine has received specific training for this machine. Only after passing an exam, the user will be granted to work with the machine.

Tool guardians

Currently the tool guardians are: Piele and Justa

Since this project has just started and is in progress, anyone who is interested in becoming a tool guardian for this machine is invited to let us know.