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Mouse trap.jpg
Skills catching mice
Status Dead
Niche Other
Purpose Fun

A rodent is roaming about in the space and we'd like to catch it. It lives from unsealed noms in the kitchen and cookie crumbles on the floor. It hides in all sorts of places, such as below the member boxes, underneath the fridge and other dark areas. It uses the fridge to climb on top of the kitchen shelves.

For the professional bikeshedder, it can also provide a good source of controversy:

  • Is it nutritious when cooked and is anyone willing to eat it?
  • Do we need a lab mouse for experiments?
  • Should it be released back to nature?
  • What's the most cruel humane way to kill it?
  • Has anyone adopted it, or would like to do so before we kill it?
  • Shouldn't the doorbot be able to keep trespassing creeps outside?
  • Are there any other pests that might present themselves after we get rid of the rodent?
  • Can we train it to run a dynamo, potentially providing us an additional source of power?
  • Can we put it in the vacuum cleaner and launch it by reversing the motor (with the cleaning head removed)?

Glue traps work best and have the advantage of also trapping lice and other parasites that might live in its fur. There are several tutorials on how to DIY. NOTE: experiments show duct tape only works on people, not actual mice.