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Status Active
Niche Electronics
Purpose Infrastructure

Interface to display information

  • Via HTTP Upload 144x24 bit monochrome (animated) gifs see the content display on the display.

An example to send the test1.gif file with via curl.

$ curl -H "Content-Type: image/gif" --data-binary @images/test1.gif http://<device-ip> --verbose

Content ideas (in no order)

  • Spacealert
  • IRC integration via shardik: .display [message]
  • Indicio audio: What are we listening to?
  • Foutmeldingen van het koffiezet apparaat.
  • Next and last tram / metro / nightbuses
  • Incoming rain alerts
  • World clocks
  • API/Interface voor countdowns.
    • Next TI events
    • TI ALVs
    • Next interesting rocket launch (SpaceX, Soyuz, etc...)
    • Space dates / launches
    • ISS flyovers
    • Zonsopkomst en -ondergang tijden
    • Maan standen. volle maan, nieuwe, etc.
    • http://www.apiblog.nl/
  • External content
  • Wifi SSIDs being broadcast.

How it works

ESP32 <-> Arduino <-> Led-pannel

  1. ESP 32 has simple a HTTP server that receives and decodes the GIFs send to it as images.
  2. Via the UART ports the ESP32 sends the decoded gif frame as images to the Arudino.
  3. Once the Arduino has received the whole image, it transforms it into the leddisplay's format and will start refreshing that image into the led display while receiving the next image.
  4. To indicate the start of a new frame the ESP will pull a pin of the Arduino high. On the Low-edge, a new image is being send.

The led-panel has a 20V DC input, reducing it to the 5v we need for the Arduino and ESP, we use a small power switcher board.