ALV-9-May-2014 actions

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Agenda : ALV-9-May-2014


  • minutes of the previous ALV were approved
  • financial report 2013 was reviewed by the review committee, and approved.
  • financial report 2013 was approved by the ALV, and the ex-treasurer (and the board) are discharged .... (how to formulate?)
    • Worth noting: report for 2012 is not finished yet.
    • New committee, for 2014: Mariel, Webmind, Barbara.
    • For reviewing 2012 report: Barbera, Maarten.
  • recommended fixed amount has increased to 25 Euro/month
    • WITH the note "make it clear that this is what is needed"
    • WITH the review of this "need" after 6 months (Realitygaps) , or when we have 2 months of reserves (Philip).
  • Give up the storage space
    • volunteers to help out with organising the move: Skinnr, Voidz0r
  • HHR agreed on previous ALVs were collected
  • Terms for board members were accepted, with addendum (1)
  • ALV thanked board members that resigned since previous ALV: (in alphabetical order) Amran, Ardaxi, Ctrl-K, Wizzup
  • New board members were elected: (in alphabetical order) Ardaxi - Julf - Phicoh - Skinnr
  • It was decided that the Dispute committee will have 5 members.
  • Official objection my Maarten, because there are no female members in the dispute committee.
  • Members of the dispute committee voted in: (in alphabetical order) Einstein, Realitygap, The Jinx, Voidz0r, Webmind
  • Points 4.1.1 & 4.1.2 were accepted, will be added to HHR (2)
  • Point 4.2.a was accepted; 4.2.b was NOT. Text to be added to HHR (3)
  • There was a confusion about the quorum - decided to clarify before the next ALV
  • ALV voted for stopping before midnight, and taking extra points to the next ALV, and start with them.


  • add fin. report to the wiki
  • make the minutes
  • Add this to the next ALV agenda: starting with the points 4.3 4.4 4.5; dichotomy of yearly membership, monthly payment.; investigate the quorum question,
  • inform members about new recommended amount, and reasons
  • update the wiki with new recommended amount, and reasons
  • Organise giving up the storage space (inform UR, find out the deadline, move stuff, get borgh back...)
  • clarify tax status regarding donations money
  • Decide on structured way to deal with donations money
  • add text about term for board members to HHR (1), & Add (2) & (3) to HHR
  • Facilitate transition between old and new board
  • Add text about Dispute Committee to HHR , or...
  • ... or... Add information about Dispute Committee to the wiki, and inform members


(1) "Positions in the board have terms. Terms are per board member. Term starts when the board member is elected, and it lasts XX (A,B or C) years. Not in the exact months, but rounded up to the nearest ALV. At the expiration of the term, board member's position expires, and the board position is open for re-election. The treasurer steps down (and is allowed to be re-elected) in even numbered years, secretary and chair in odd numbered years (and are also allowed to be re-elected)"

(2) All rules voted into the 'huishoudelijk regelement' during the previous ALV will be moved onto a list of 'space-rules'. These rules will be on display in the space. & Some machines can be marked 'instruction needed' by the owner or board. This means instruction is required before a member can use the machine for the first time. Qualified instructors will be the owner/maintainer of the machine or members that previously received instructions for this machine.

(3) All points proposed to the agenda of the ALV will have a designated maintainer. In principle this will be the originator of the point but the responsibility can be transferred or shared with mutual agreement of the current maintainer(s) and the prospective maintainers. The maintainer has a responsibility to appear during the ALV to present the point and provide clarification. Failure for the maintainer to appear on the ALV, will make the point eligible for transfer to the next ALV by the board.

Actions Table

What Who Deadline done (when)
add the "Financial Report 2013" to the wiki Board 1 June 2014


  • Make the actions from the ALV minutes to reflect the minutes
  • Make the minutes more readable, and chronological
  • Mariel: Can the approval committee have it 2 weeks in advance?
  • Becha: Can the members have the report in advance, to read it before approving?
  • cmpxchg: Improving margin on Mate: get it cheaper, keep the sales price the same
  • Wizzup: put donations money to separate bank account.
  • Chotee: please do move donations money to the bank account, for security reasons