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Eating places within (close) walking distance of ACTA:

  • Albert Heijn supermarkets: one at Sierplein 78, one at Belgieplein, one at Delflandplein.
  • Dirk van den Broek Supermarket (Johan Huizingalaan 178)
  • Snackbar Nancy (Johanna Reynvaanstraat 35)
  • Danu's (Roti place)

Here are some places that are good to order from to ACTA:

  • Taco Mundo Freaking delicious and plenty fast
  • Tasty Burger excellent, but delivery can take (nearly) an hour
  • Tandoori Express great quality (and quantity)
  • Sushi Asian Profood
  • Rams Roti best Roti in town
  • New York Pizza (they're quite fast but don't know exactly where the right door is, just ask them to call when they dispatch delivery and it'll take 2 to 5 minutes for the order to arrive once you get their call -- please be so kind to open the door and wave at the motorist scooting around :P they often carry other orders too which explains their rush )
  • Thai Kitchen Amsterdam Drawback: min order 20 Euro. But: excellent food!
  • Joy Luck Express Chinese food, surinamese, indian, etc
  • Ginos Good Pizza
  • Sushi Sakura Decent sushi

Here are some places that didn't turn out so well:

  • Dominos
  • Grillroom Lezet
  • Il Delfino blu