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Date 2012/02/17
Location Club Karlsson
Type Workshop

TechInc Workshop Event

Where: Club Karlsson at the [NIMK] building (Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst)
Keizersgracht 264, Amsterdam
When: 19:00-23:00


The following people will attend (this is just to get an idea on numbers)

  • amran (amx109) +2
  • Vesna
  • Arnd
  • Jurre
  • Phil (phicoh)
  • Imara+1
  • Yuri+1
  • Stef
  • Rudolph (noroot)
  • Antony
  • friso
  • And loads of other people

=over 9000


Oscilloscope Workshop

By: Philip & Arnd (phicoh en Justa)

Ever wondered how to use an oscilloscope or what they are even good for? Now is your chance! Take part in this hands-on workshop which may even include homework.

Hacking Area

A small area will be reserved for general hacking with hardware/electronics. A basic and small set of tools will be available to use - soldering irons, multimeters etc.

Lightning talks

  • justa - swedish chef with indian accent
  • Vesna - Atlas
  • ricard - captchas
  • guido - shaftbots
  • realitygaps - techinc website update and call for ideas/help
  • DrWhax - digital rights watch
  • Arnd + Amran - table of fire
  • guido - why suspending everything is good
  • ixs - reverse engineering voip (mips)
  • brainsmoke - protecting buggy binaries with Minemu
  • justa - videotoaster/mp3 walkman

tech Inc Update

A quick update on:

our current position where we expect to be in 2-3 months what problems we expect to face how we can help ourselves and our community


19:00 opening

Lightning Talks (2min) Oscilloscope Hardware Hacking
20:00 justa all evening
20:15 Vesna starts 20:15
20:30 ricard
20:45 guido
21:00 realitygaps
21:15 drwhax
21:30 A&A
21:45 guido
22:00 IXS
22:15 brainsmoke
22:30 justa