Weekly Members Meeting I

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Weekly Members Meeting I
Date 2014/02/09
Location ACTA
Type Meeting
Contact realitygaps, voidzor

A weekly members meeting for organising things to do with the space. From 4:30pm till 5:00 pm every Sunday.

About Members Meetings

  • The meetings are 30 minutes long.
  • Items that are discussed for more than 5 minutes will be cut short and discussion can continue after the meeting.


Add items for the agenda below:

  • About members meetings (added by realitygaps)
  • Mediawiki Upgrade (Issues with SMW, help needed) (added by realitygaps)
  • What to do with the new space (brainstorm) (added by Control-K)
    • There will be a meeting with a smaller group (justa, phicoh, julf and Narya) earlier this week (added by Narya)
    • One of them will give a summary of the meeting (probably also already earlier via mail list) (added by Narya)
  • How to handle big "dead" projects (suggestion for next ALV) (added by Control-K)
  • Arranging regular (semi-automated) snacks/drink deliveries (added by realitygaps)


About Members Meetings

There was an introduction to how the members meeting work. The idea is to raise the issues on the agenda and have a small discussion, preferably with volunteers who will discuss and work on the issues outside of the meeting and bring new action points to the next meeting.

Mediawiki upgrade

The mediawiki needs to be upgraded and semantic mediawiki is proving tricky to update. Realitygaps and Matthias will attempt an upgrade this evening.

New Space

Narya gave an update about the new space at ACTA. There was a meeting on Wednesday evening to discuss and brainstorm, many people contributed and some drawings were made. Practical things were taken into account (walls, suction, cleanroom, door). Some conclusions were made and sent to the mailing list.

In the proposal the new space will be used for workshops and some electronics/soldering. Dirty stuff will remain in the old space. Decisions on how to use/adapt the smaller rooms can be made at a later time. A doorway will likely be made on the yellow wall with double wide door. Space will remain in the new area for for a second projector on the yellow wall. Erwin has offered to loan a beamer for the new space. In the 'old' space, the projector wall could move to the member box wall. Some other suggestions have been made for rearranging the current layout try to enable more walking paths and space to move around the space without bothering others.

A suggestion was made that maybe its worth putting linoleum carpet down on top of the carpet (before refurbishing the room).

Pledge will be set up for buying stuff at the bouwmarkt to get started.

Dead projects

A suggestion was made that a 'shout' for ownership of the project should be made (on a mailing list) and if nothing moves 3 months later it gets dumped. Another suggestion was that the bigger is (and the more in the way) - the sooner it dies.

It was mentioned that everything should be labelled or free for all, but that rule is not respected.

It was suggested that maybe its worth bringing back the 3 week system for smaller things.... The reply was that apparently it was cancelled because stuff disappeared into the boxes

Another suggestion was made that it may be worth announcing things that were lost and/or found.

A container for lost and found stuff seems like a useful idea so one will be made.

Ordering drinks and food

We need regular deliveries of food and drinks. The question was asked if there was anyone willing to take that on? Responsibility would be to order a regular list of drinks/food from Albert Heijn and be at techinc to have it delivered (about once a month). There were no volunteers for this task, the suggestion was made to ask on the mailing list.

Regarding Mate - Narya will continue to manage this for the moment


Some mention was made of cleaning the space and how to arrange this in a better and more organised way. Ideas will be presented at a future members meeting.

Tasks - Stuff to be done

Mathias suggested a scheduling system - showing tasks needing to be done at various moments. A sort of 'stuff to be done' calendar.... maybe in wiki.


A bugtracker will be put up for dealing with organisational stuff. This could also be used for the tasks mentioned earlier in the meeting.

Julf suggested it should have +1 functionality.....


There will be a biweekly techinc newsletter. The suggestion was made that it be called 'The bikeshed'