Weekly Members Meeting 7

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Weekly Members Meeting 7
Date 2014/03/23
Location ACTA
Type Meeting
Contact Realitygaps, voidz0r

A weekly members meeting for organising things to do with the space. From 4:30pm till 5:00 pm every Sunday.

About Members Meetings

  • The meetings are 30 minutes long.
  • Items that are discussed for more than 5 minutes will be cut short and discussion can continue after the meeting.


Add items for the agenda below:

  • Internet connectivity
  • Annual hackerspace open day
  • Dispute resolution group
  • Items left over from the ALV
  • Cleaning the space
  • Hosting the techinc/website
  • Regular food/drink orders
  • Planning next ALV
  • Hack in the box haxpo
  • Anything else that comes up



  • Webmind
  • Milo
  • Justa
  • Brainsmoke
  • Mattronix
  • Anonymous
  • voidz0r

Internet connectivity

  • There's fiber in the switch room still waiting to be connected to our router.
  • It's a LCLC multimode
  • We don't have access to the cabinet yet
  • Mattronix is tasked with providing the required console cable
  • We'll have to clean up the current config because there's some rubbish in it
  • We'd like to have IP access and documentation for the Infra team
  • Please continue on IRC #techinc-infra

Annual hackerspace open day

  • Webmind would like to be a liaison for the morning.
  • We should ask the mailing list for more volunteers.
  • We need signs for visitors to find the space and we should post the spacephone number to the door outside.
  • We should put a table for lightning talks/ideas/projects up on the wiki
  • People could present their projects, that would be cool
  • We need to create a slot for talks and invite people to talk about things
  • Realitygaps and voidz0r volunteered to do a talk

Dispute resolution group

Abraham, Jinx, voidz0r and others have volunteered for the dispute resolution group, but it was decided that they would have to be nominated at an ALV. Make sure that the nominees of the dispute group is checked in the minutes of the previous ALV and make sure that for the next ALV that gets submitted to the secretary so that it's added as an agenda point. The secretary is ^K and/or vesna.

Items left over from the ALV

Justa invites everyone to help him with the formal wording of the agreed proposals of last ALV. Realitygaps and ^K wanted to help but they got discouraged by the critique they had in the past couple of weeks. It would be nice if we can hammer it out in one go.

  • NOTE from 'justa': realitygaps and control-K reported that they started on this and then got discouraged because of comments. I suggested to get together for this on the short-term and spend 1-3 hours on working this issue out by taking what had been voted on and coming up with a worked out text for this purpose before the next ALV.

Cleaning the space

Justa explained the proposal he made in the last meeting. It's important for people to recognise that there's a need to clean the space and that people actually went ahead and do it. We've chosen a date: the next 30th and then every 2 weeks from there. We will do an annoucement to the list.

Hosting the techinc/website

Justa can provide the containers he's running for the public services and wishes for our own hosting to have as minimal financial impact as possible. There should be at most 3 or 4 people to work on our hosting our VPSes. Justa has all the domains. We still don't trust the admin of any external admin which would run our space servers, so we like to go dedicated.

Actionable items:

  • Get the colo clear
  • Get the hardware which has 64-bit extensions and SVM/VMX capabilities
  • We need the volunteers to arrange all of this. Realitygaps has showed interest.

Realitygaps, Mattronix and Webmind would like to be the main admins for the hosting and the VPSes underneath

Regular food/drink orders

In addition to doing the cleaning bi-weekly we should also report how many lightbulbs we replaced, how many crates of mate we have left, if there are any trashbags and dishwasher tablets, etc.

Planning next ALV

^K and Vesna are busy planning the next ALV. Justa would like to have the next ALV in May.

  • NOTE (by Justa): as noted on the mailinglist already concerning this point: the comment from me about 'may' was in reply to Voidzor mentioning 'somewhere in June' (if i remember correctly; or perhaps even july), to which i replied "No; that'd be too late. I'd prefer it to not be later than may)

Hack in the box haxpo

We need help with transport for the various projects, LEDwall,etc. Justa is available for transport purposes :) :) :)

Anything else that comes up

  • Our mobile spacephone is off. This is because someone took the charger cable.
  • There's an issue with PHP and sessions which results in HTTP not working for the wiki, but HTTPS still works.
  • Infra team will go ahead and discuss hosting/colo/etc.