Weekly Members Meeting 19

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Weekly Members Meeting 19
Date 2014/06/15
Location ACTA
Type Meeting
Contact voidz0r

A weekly members meeting for organising things to do with the space. From 5:00pm till 5:30 pm every Sunday.

About Members Meetings

  • The meetings are 30 minutes long.
  • Items that are discussed for more than 5 minutes will be cut short and discussion can continue after the meeting.


Add items for the agenda below:

  • Chair needed for next members meeting
  • Creepiness issue
  • Piratepad minutes
  • Circle proposal at next ALV
  • Anything that comes up


Participants: 5

Chair needed for next members meeting

Sunday is the day where everyone is least likely to show up. That explains why different people show up every meeting

Creepiness issue

It's nice that we know it but we need more information. We need to find out what it is exactly that's bothering our fellow members, because we can't prepare for everything.

Piratepad minutes

Piratepad is a realtime note keeping app. No one objects to doing this. Comments in etherpad are just making comments but they are not participating. If you want to be at the meeting, be at the meeting. The meeting isn't digital. If we start discussing things with people online we can't ever get anything done. We'd get a lot of duplicate comments as well.

Circle proposal at next ALV

We had a period where the board was asked to do all sorts of things that the members should be doing. Anything not legal, association-related should be done by members. Cbase in Germany has this circle which is a group of people who have their own governance. We could structure it differently, depending on our needs. At the time it was proposed initially, we decided to postpone it, but now we might actually have enough people to pick it up. If you have a body of 5 or 6 people, we'd could avoid a lot of struggles by having them make decisions on things. How many people understand how this works? Is it suitable to our situation and can we adjust it to what we want? It's very important that it fits with what we're doing. Those people are trusted enough to make decisions for certain things but also aren't opinionated. Look at the Cbase example, look at how it applies to us, try and figure out if we can implement it and go on from there. Someone will have to come up with a structure and propose it here. The board should not be defining the structure for members to organise stuff for the space.

Anything that comes up

Cleaning prettifying and labelling day. Things have been left behind after various events, the amount of stuff left over is enormous. Ifabrica (a maker space) have labels on all the stuff, really everything. Whenever someone isn't there, they'll know where to find things and where to return said stuff. If you're here you get to decide and put things somewhere, otherwise you don't. We should pick a date for the event. Friday evening was chosen unanimously. “No entitlement” is one of the founding principles of the space not formally codified in the statutes. We've turned down offers in the past for this reason and it's a slippery slope if we'd ever start making special arrangements. However, we'd still like to remind those slamming or otherwise criticising one others hard work that such behaviour is considered disrespectful and hurts the space. Remember rule #4.