Weekly Members Meeting 17

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Weekly Members Meeting 17
Date 2014/06/01
Location ACTA
Type Meeting
Contact voidz0r

A weekly members meeting for organising things to do with the space. From 5:00pm till 5:30 pm every Sunday.

About Members Meetings

  • The meetings are 30 minutes long.
  • Items that are discussed for more than 5 minutes will be cut short and discussion can continue after the meeting.


Add items for the agenda below:

  • HITB
  • TC1
  • Circle proposal at next ALV
  • Powerbar
  • Format of members meeting
  • Whatever comes up


Participants: 3


It would've been nice to have more do-stuff. Stickers and flyers were out of stock way too quickly. The delta printer was wicked, thanks to Ultratux for explaining thoroughly how they work each day. We should think of a better layout for our booth next year, #42 had desks in a “U” shape which seemed more inviting. There should be the least possible barriers between the visitor and the representative, so visitors by and large don't just walk past as quickly. Attendance at our booth was good, there's always been someone present. A final word of thanks goes to Muse.


TC1 will be the successor to TC0 which was a great success. We should itemise what needs to be done and how we'll handle things like CfP. We'd also like to invite people from other spaces and welcome friends of friends, and advertise the event throughout the scene. The event has a strong technical character but also includes common socialising elements. It seems prudent to have a separate meeting with the TC1 organisers (which is anyone who'd like to help out, in any way shape or form) to get this off the ground. What equally should be addressed during that meeting, is how events such as these could stimulate acquiring new members. The meeting agrees to drop this topic from the agenda going forward and leave it to the organisers.

Circle proposal at next ALV

There should be community and not a whole lot of sub groups, we're already too fragmented and introducing yet another subgroup would be detrimental to our cause.


It's a pretty cool project and it's good that it works, but still leaves much to be desired. It shouldn't take in excess of half an hour to figure out how to turn on lights in the space, but we'd rather have physical switches that can be relied upon. Upon inspection, it was found that the 2,4GHz network was inoperative as well as the powerbar server ( http://powerbar.ti/ ) itself. These issues cannot be resolved by all members so we implore our peers to make the system more reliable. To this end, Chotee and voidz0r are already working on a hardware version.

Format of members meeting

If we involve IRC into the meetings we could have more input from members who can't be effed to come visit the space, but still want to lament/comment on the points raised by the agenda. However, a piratepad for minute keeping could work and allows for people to ask questions right then and there during the meeting and would only spam a url to the (somewhat crowded) IRC channel.

Whatever comes up

There is creepiness going on, every female member has spoken out about this. It seems to have gotten worse over time, when comparing the current atmosphere with that of early January this year. There's also an aura of individualism, a “me-mentality”. This grieves those fond of interacting constructively, and would enjoy a more cohesive atmosphere. It was somewhat inappropriate of #42 to display a countdown to an alleged Techinc bankruptcy on a POS system, ridiculing our space during all 3 days of the event. We may have had more positive engagements with HITB visitors had the countdown not been there.