Weekly Members Meeting 14

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Weekly Members Meeting 14
Date 2014/05/11
Location ACTA
Type Meeting
Contact voidz0r

A weekly members meeting for organising things to do with the space. From 5:00pm till 5:30 pm every Sunday.

About Members Meetings

  • The meetings are 30 minutes long.
  • Items that are discussed for more than 5 minutes will be cut short and discussion can continue after the meeting.


Add items for the agenda below:

  • HITB
  • Hosting techinc website (status update)
  • TC1
  • Dispute resolution group
  • Broken coffee machine
  • Anything that comes up


Members present: 3


We registered as an exhibitor and are currently looking for a topic to have a talk about. We should probably ask the mailing list because they'll probably be finalising the schedule pretty soon.

Hosting techinc website (status update)



We should try to take advantage of the fact that HITB is in town and maybe invite them to the social.

Dispute resolution group

After a lot of dispute a dispute resolution group has been formed. We would like to see at least an anonymous and a non-anonymous communications channel.

Broken coffee machine

  • Can we fix it? Not sure
  • Are there alternative ways of making coffee? Yes we have a percolator and we could even automate the thing. We have the arduinos.
  • Should we get a new machine? Probably yes, a pledge would be the way to go.

Anything that comes up

On the mailing list: it has been suggested that the volume of mails isn't necessarily a problem but rather the tone of the mails.