Weekly Members Meeting 11

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Weekly Members Meeting 11
Date 2014/04/20
Location ACTA
Type Meeting
Contact Realitygaps, voidz0r

A weekly members meeting for organising things to do with the space. From 5:00pm till 5:30 pm every Sunday.

About Members Meetings

  • The meetings are 30 minutes long.
  • Items that are discussed for more than 5 minutes will be cut short and discussion can continue after the meeting.


Add items for the agenda below:

  • Hostinc techinc website
  • Haxpo
  • Anything that comes up
  • Reconciling unformalised points from last ALV status update
  • $YOUR_ITEM_HERE (edit me!)


Participants: 2

Due to the low number of participants this week, all agenda points have been postponed. Hopefully there will be more participants in the future.