Visit UvA Computer Museum

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Visit UvA Computer Museum
Date 2014/02/28
Location UvA Computer Museum
Type Other
Contact User:Epoz

Going on an excursion to Many interesting devices to be ogled, you can also request items that you might want to see on the day.

We have to make an appointment with the curator. It has to be during the week, thinking a Friday afternoon would be good. Maximum number of participants is 10, please add your name to the Doodle if you want to join.

Current Status: The curator of the museum has an eye problem and needs surgery. The next available date for a visit has been shifted to February 2014.

Note: Still waiting on confirmation from the curator on the date, so set to an arbitrary late date in future pending confirmation.

Coming from ML (with no date confirmation, just listing for completeness): [epoz, webmind, phicoh, marielle, julf, ultratux, wizzup, erwin, dodo, axel] = [10]