TechnoShamanism Workshop

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TechnoShamanism Workshop
Date 2019/09/05
Time 17:00 - 23:00
Location TechInc
Type Cancelled
Contact Becha


This workshop is canceled , because it does not comply with with community guidelines of TechInc (not charging members for events)


We would like to organise this workshop!! 
  • we are looking for another venue in Amsterdam (or Noord Holland)
  • the dates & times are tentative!!!

We are looking for the expression of interest in the workshop,

to make sure that the leaders of the workshop can afford to make it to Europe & Amsterdam , from Brazil!

We are looking for any kind of *SUPPORT* : efforts & resources, a place to stay, another venue for another workshop or party...

We would like to organise a benefit party too: maybe in TechInc, maybe someplace else -- please contact for the suggestions & contributions & questions.


Dream Group Practice

  • Goals:
    • Share immersion practices in the dream universe
    • Enhance subjectivities though connections between dreaming practices, clinical psychology, performance arts & spectral cinema
  • Workshop leaders:
    • Fabiane M. Borges
    • Rafael Frazao
  • Time:
    • two half days : two times 6 hours (5pm - 11pm)
  • Days:
    • Thursday afternoon & Friday Afternoon
    • OR
    • Saturday & Sunday??
  • Contribution
    • around 50 Euros per person
    • between 40 & 60 , according to individual situation