Techinc stand HITB

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Techinc stand HITB
Date 2019/05/06
Time 10:00 - 17:00
Location Beurs van Berlage (Damsquare)
Type Congress
Contact s0s, Stef

I'm looking for volunteers to help me organize a stand at HITB 2019!

Any cool projects/objects TI has to show at the event other than Brainsmoke's ball?

- LED-Matrix
- Arcade PieBox (RetroPie)
- We can make DIY Mate and put it in the beer tap
- pidp8 emulator with VT510 termnial running ELIZA
- <enter object/project>

It's gonna be a community village, hackerspaces, owasp. There will be an AI car race that hackerspaces and university teams can participate in and win 1337 euro. Dates: 6 - 10th of May

Check HITB site for info:

We need a bus for logistic purposes. I also have a car to bring certain stuff. So let me know if you can help out with that.

Add your name if you want to join: