TechInc for the next 10 years

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TechInc for the next 10 years
Date 2020/03/21
Time 14:00 - 17:00
Location TechInc
Type Meeting
Contact user:DrWhax

I'd like to invite you to an event where we constructively come up with ideas or do things that we want to improve! of how we'd like to see techinc be governed, improvements made and most importantly, how we can make that happen.

Let's brainstorm a bunch of suggestions! These could be amendments to the statutes, "huishoudelijk regelement", how we deal with tools, what kind of things people can expect from a membership, how board does finances, how the wiki functions, etc.

We'll then discuss some of them, see if there's overlap and see if we can come up with any initial suggestions to be submitted to an ALV or a next ALV or actively work on improving things, could be code, guidelines, proposals, etc.

See you then!