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md -> pdf

(the non-latex way)

  1. download 20120331NIMK.md
  2. multimarkdown -o 20120331nimk.html 20120331NIMK.md (I use peg-multimarkdown version 3.5)
  3. download techinc.css and put into same folder as 20120331nimk.html
  4. before </head> add <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="all" href="techinc.css" />
  5. after <body> add <div id="wrapper">
  6. before </body> add </div>
  7. open .html in browser, print (turn on 'print background colour/images')
  8. Profit!

sample tables

(because they're a pain to make)

Time Who? Subject
19:00 person chat
20:00 person2 chat2
Time What do we do?
13:00—19:00 is where we lounge about playing music, singing, educating and generally wondering whats an acceptable time to start drinking @ room #2
18:00—19:00 is where we order pizza and eat @ room #2
19:30—22:00 is where we have lightning talks @ room #2
23:00—late is where we do more lounging etc @ room #2