TA3M July

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TA3M July
Date 2014/07/21
Location ACTA
Type Meeting
Contact Realitygaps

Techno-Activism 3rd Mondays: Amsterdam, will visit TechInc again. We'll be open from 19:00 (or earlier); presentations from 20:00


Techno-Activism Third Mondays (TA3M) is an informal meetup for techno-activists, hacktivists and anyone interested in free and open technology. The event takes place in different cities around the globe every third Monday of the month.

TA3M is explicitly informal and open. Meaning that you are invited to hack the process, ask questions, and be critical. If you have something you want to share or discuss at the next or a later TA3M, let us know. There will be time for five-minute lighting talks, talk to us if you have something to present.

After successful editions in Amsterdam, New York, San Francisco and Madison (Wisconsin), this month will add Seattle and Boston to the list. TA3M is an initiative of OpenITP in New York.

We hope you will join us at TA3M Amsterdam or one of the other TA3M events!

More info:

List of talks/speakers:

  • realitygaps - a roundup of the what happened in the world of privacy and surveillance in the last month
  • phrag - using pgp to encrypt your emails and a sane approach to multiple devices
  • brainsmoke - minemu
  • muse - securing your devices for travel
  • nido - TorWal?
  • realitygaps - password management with pass

Add your name to the list if you are interested in presenting a project or topic.