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What we've done

  • There have been no requests made to the Dispute committee since the last ALV. This is a good thing, unless it's not.
  • We're established the routine of reporting the statistics on the activities of the committee to the Board once a month.
  • We've captured the process of described in the as a concrete workflow to follow.
    • There are templates for each of the communication steps.
  • Started but not finalized the infrastructure needed.

Where we're heading

  • Be more visible / easy to reach, without inciting a flurry of work.
  • Finalize the workflow by discussing it with Board and verifying its validity.
  • Create the (small) infrastructure needed to manage per-dispute data.

Where we're lacking

  • We're at-least one member short. And a Committee member doesn't live in The Netherlands anymore.. This means we cannot operate as independent from Board as we'd like in the case of a conflict involving the board.
  • We need to focus on finalizing the setup efforts we've started.