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We need a new space. this is a page that outlines our requirements and has location proposals


  • Around 200m2
  • Permanent heating
  • Price: Double our current rent ~2200 EUR
  • Quiet room/Classroom (20-30m2)
  • Dirty room (20-30m2)
  • Clean room (10-20m2
  • Toilets
  • Drainage


  • Little or no internal finishings (e.g. hardwood floorings or carpets) we can mess up
  • Multiple rooms

Questions / points of interest

  • Is it ok with our access policy? (24/7 for all members, with custom security)
  • Use of the space for light industrial purposes.
  • Can we remove carpets/flooring if they are present?
  • Can we add partitions if we need them?
  • What state they would expect the space to be left in at the end of the contract.
  • Is cold and/or hot water plumbing available in the space?
  • Can a kitchen/sink be added if plumbing is available?
  • What is the existing electrical infrastructure (number/location of outlets, number/capacity of breakers/electrical groups)?
  • Can we modify the electrical infrastructure?
  • What lighting is available in each room? Can we modify the lighting?
  • Can we hang/mount things on the walls?
  • Are there means for us to add ventilation to the outside for tools like the laser cutter?
  • What toilet facilities are available?
  • What is the minimum length of lease and how much in advance must we give notice to terminate?
  • How does rubbish disposal work?
  • If the rental space consists of more than one room, are the rooms separated by existing doors?
  • about 10 people every day that will be there; mostly in evening hours
  • when is it available, and for how long?
  • what equipment / furniture is there (desks, chairs)?
  • is there Internet connectivity?
  • is there a kitchen, for making tea/coffee?
  • is the proposed space reachable easily via public transportation?
  • is parking available? Free or paid parking?
  • are there supermarkets/bars/restaurants/interesting stores in the vicinity of the proposed space?
  • Are there external windows in the space? Can they be opened?

you can find text for a pitch for a new space here

See Space_Requirements/Location_Proposals for suggested spaces past and present.