Space-Maintenance Committee

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Inventory rack, 10-2021

The committee is instigated upon approval of the board at 2021-06-21. As such it now exists as a concept.

For the initial proposal text, please go to Space-Maintenance Committee/Proposal


Meeting frequency

We currently aim to come together every 2 weeks to improve the space. And to have a meeting every 2 months to decide what to work on.


We will have a signal-group and a mailing-list for internal communication.

Current Focus / Tasks

(I just put this here to let members know what we are up to, but if this is unwise please let me know)

  • Investigate current annoyances/issues in the space that we can resolve
  • Investigate swapping the ham-corner and the makerlane
  • Investigate a suitable method for tracking issues/projects
  • Create a "where is?" page on the wiki, so that stuff can be more easily found.

Our first work-meeting will be the 31th of august 2021, where will we do some re-organizing of the space. (most likely the dirty room)


New members & Votes

  • Members can ask to be added to this committee, or we can ask a member to join us.
  • Meeting a potential member before joining is preferred.
  • A new member must be voted in by the members of the committee. For this a majority of the cast votes is necessary.
  • A vote must be announced by mailing-list at least 3 days before the deadline.
  • A vote must have a deadline
  • There is no room for a 'veto' mechanic in our vote-mechanics. Because we have no veto, there is also no requirement to withhold voting in case of conflict of interests. (like: voting to remove an object which a member of the committee is the owner. )

These rules can be chanced when we decide (and vote) to do so.


In case of disputes with members, we will try our best to come to a mutual understanding, and if possible resolve the dispute.