Social + BBQ 2023-09-13

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Social + BBQ 2023-09-13
Date 2023/09/13
Time 18:30-23:00
Location TechInc
Type Social
Contact Contact

Weekly social evening, every Wednesday from 19:30 till late, open to everyone!

Non-members welcome, guests welcome, expats welcome, visiting hackers welcome, refugees welcome!


Please join us for BBQ too! Location: downstairs in back of the building, just under the aux space windows. If we get serious rain, we'll bring the cooked food inside.

Theme is potluck. Got meat & veggies? We can grill it on our new Shashlyk setup.

Like to help set up? Please come early. At least one of the board will be on site from 1600 on, preparing.

Got an instrument? Bring it, play it!

But most of all, bring your authentic self. That's what we, as a hackerspace, are about.