Social: 2022-05-25

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Social: 2022-05-25
Date 2022/05/25
Time 19:30 - late
Location ACTA
Type Social
Contact contact

Weekly social evening, every Wednesday from 19:30 till late, open to everyone!

Non-members welcome, guests welcome, expats welcome, visiting hackers welcome, refugees welcome!

Towel Day

                                      TOWELDAY WEDNESDAY 25th May!

                                  For those not in the know...DON'T PANIC!
                     For those not knowing the most famous works of Douglas Noel Adams

                      "Any person who can hitch the length and breadth of the galaxy,
                      ? rough it, slum it, struggle against terrible odds, win through,
                and still know where his towel is is clearly a person to be reckoned with."
               Bring your towel, a bag of salted peanuts and the party by bringing yourself!

Minimum dress-code : a towel around your neck and a back of salted peanuts


Coming 25th May '22 , as it so happens a Wednesday, will be Towel-day!?? // [] //

It's the 21st version as some of you may know. We would have loved to celebrate the 20th edition last year in good order too. but we all know what happened and what tiny little bug had to spoil that party. So I'd link to think of it this way. D.N.A. did foresee even this because 42/2=...

For those who would like to hijack this occasion to organize a party, PLEASE FEEL Free to hack this event!

We'd like to see : - An event page on the wiki if multiple people are going to organize things - Music > DJ in style (either play synthesizer and/or come dressed as ZAPHOD :-) - Someone sharing this event across some social networks - Drinks/Food fitting to the theme maybe some 'galactic' ale in the NetTap? - any other things you can think of - The original audio / video / books distributed or playing would be nice.. (I can provide the original works) - any 'better' idea's than the before mentioned are always welcome. ending up in the hot tub maybe?

Make this day a Hitchhiker style party by h(ac/i)king in to it!

So all creatures are invited to come and join and hitch in this party by bringing hitchhikers, your towel, bag of salted peanuts and of course your favorite colorless volatile liquid []. Any one care to mix some Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters [] together, you are very welcome. Though make sure to leave information which voluntary organizations exist to help you rehabilitate after one.

IF YOU NEED ANY HELP? REACH OUT THE bureaucats or or faster signal +31 6 4995 4990