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Date 2012/03/07
Location Nyonya, Batavia
Type Social
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Our Weekly Dinner

Where: [Nyonya Malasia Express]
(020 422 2447)
When: 18:00-20:00
What: dinner! Menu (prices are old, can differ 1 or 2 euros)

Put your name down below if you're coming for dinner

Dinner list

Who? YOU!

  • amx109
  • tannie
  • gast: IMA College i.o. [nieuwe middelbare school vol creativiteit en itec]
  • genjix
  • DrWhax
  • webmind (will take nr 86 + 107 from the menu)
  • phicoh

Our Weekly Piss Up

Read: social evening

Where: [Batavia]
When: 20:00-late
What: drinks!

Our favorite pub. It plays blues. We'll be there from 8pm. So come over!


  • Food, drinks, meeting