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This meeting was planned on 2011-09-07 and held on 2011-08-09 @ Canvas


  1. First attempt at defining the list of founding members.
  2. Defining members of temporary/startup 'board' ^^
  3. timeframe for setting up official structure
  4. Start recieving funds for starting space
  5. logo / style for outside communication, website, flyers
  6. plans for further meeting(s)
  7. Filming RTV-Noord-Holland techinc.
  8. Housing-options

Defining the list of founding members

In the beginning, we expected that we might only have approx 10 founding-members to start out with the space; however it currently looks as if we'll easily be able to have 20+ people available to enable the funding/starting of the space. In connection with a speed-track approach to getting the organisation 'official' and as such enable it to accept funds via a bank-account.

It'd seem that we'll soon be able to accept funding-money; agreed upon to be € 10,- a month up to when we've got the space up-and-running**, in which case the regular contribution-plans should also be worked out and be made public.

Defining members of temporary/startup 'board'

It's become clear that the startup of the space is best served by starting up a stichting/vereniging/whatever as quick as possible to have a legal entity to start accepting funds with and enable us to 'act as a person' towards other entities. One of these involve an offer from Jaromil to see if it's possible to get a 'presence' at the NIMK/The Art of Hacking.

As such, there's been a discussion about the desired form of the legal entity. Several forms have been suggested, several arguments have been presented. In the end, it has been decided that having TechInc be a 'Stichting' should serve us the best for the forseeable future. A number of arguments why are listed below:

  • We can copy the model easily from other spaces; most others seem best served using 'stichting' too
  • The least amount of 'organisational burden' (aka: meetings/etc)
  • A stichting can be made to have 'vereniging-like' aspects, such as manners of making sure that the board-members can be disposed in case of mis-management, etc. The reverse is not as straightforward, perhaps

Things of importance

  • Investigate proper templates for a hackerspace stichting, learn from other hackerspaces
  • Design and include points about how to integrate a re-election of board-members after the founding of the space has been concluded (see below)
  • Contact HXX to inform about financing of the notary-costs

Information from HXX On this topic:

21:28 <Fenrir39> we betalen de notaris kosten tot E500
21:29 <Fenrir39> als je er onder zit
21:29 <Fenrir39> dan doen we het bedrag tussen dat en de E500 als donatie
21:29 <Fenrir39> de factuur van de notaris kan dus rechtstreeks naar ons
21:30 <Fenrir39> er zijn stichtingen die een notaris vonden voor E200
21:30 <Fenrir39> en dus E300 kregen gedoneert
21:30 <Fenrir39> enige wat we terug willen is
21:30 <Fenrir39> bonnen :)
21:30 <Fenrir39> dus als jullie een nieuwe deur kopen van het bedrag tussen de notaris en de E500
21:31 <Fenrir39> dan willen wij die bon

To enable founding of a stichting, it'd seem that we require at least 3 natural persons to be 'on the document'. It's been suggested that a total of 5 might serve us well. As such, it's been decided to create a short-list of people interested in being on this board. Being a stupid guy, Justa forgot to write all the names/emails of the people who volunteered down right there and then.** PLEASE ADD YOURSELF TO THIS SHORTLIST!! **

  • madeddie
  • DrWhax
  • Justa
  • stef
  • realitygaps
  • brainsmoke (might not be very useful, since I'll be in the US during the planned foundation)
  • Verty (on holiday 16 - 24 Sept)
  • (i know there should be at least 3 more; PLEASE ADD!)

The agenda is to have the 'list of 5' worked out as soon as possible to be able to have a meeting AS A BOARD in 2 weeks time; to be organized by the boardmembers themselves. In the meantime, the Stichting should be founded, too

Timeframe for setting up the organisation

As noted above; the timeframe of setting up the organisation should be as soon as possible. We're leaving until halfway this week (2011-09-12 onwards) for people to add themselves to the short-list and make their interest in being a board-member clear.

From there, the members on the list will have to work out among themselves who're gonna be 'the five'. Meanwhile, getting as much as possible information together on templates for stichtingen, etc, is paramount.

Ontop of that, the idea is to have a meeting 'as a board of a stichting' in two weeks time; organized by the board-members.

Start recieving funds for starting of hackerspace

To enable us to get as clear a picture about the amount of money available to us for funding the space, it's been decided to enable contributions as quick as possible. The idea is to create a bank-account for the stichting (see above) as quickly as possible. From that moment, we'll be asking people to start contributing €10,- a month until the space has been started and a regular contribution-scheme has been decided upon

logo / style for outside communication, website, flyers

Two people have made it clear they had ideas about a design for a logo, etc, for the hackerspace. It's been decided to give these people a fiat to create a design 'as they see fit'; to get something we can put on website/flyers/stickers as quickly as possible. This'll be doubly important in case we can get space at NIMK , for example. There's been a volunteer for providing expertise to run a CMS on the main site of techinc (forgot nick). Also nice would be to have more/several people involved in adminning the site/wiki

Also suggested/decided is to add a '' list soon; this to enable outside entities to subscribe themselves to a 'non-members' info-list about the space; also usable to send invites/etc to about other spaces.

The idea is to add people on 'members' to the new 'announce' list by default. Work is ongoing; i'd like to hammer out mailing-list policies a little bit more.

plans for further meeting(s)

Next meeting for ALL members will be in 3 weeks; 29 Sept (correct ?..) Next meeting for Board-members will be sooner; two weeks is the goal

Filming for RTV-Noordholland

Details arent yet clear; but DrWhax came with an interesting bit of info that he's been approached to be interviewed for a piece about hacking. A time-frame isnt availble yet, but it might be great to have some space/presence to have this interview be held at. NIMK ? [nerd-room] ?


Please add current info about housing-options: members-rw:housing_options