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Date 2011/08/24
Location Kam_Yin, Batavia
Type Social

Meeting 24-08 (woensdag) @ Kam Yin 19:00

Moved from MKZ to CS → Kam Yin (sorry brainsmoke :))


  1. name of group/space
  2. location (discuss options and see who visits which)
  3. meeting agenda (let's get together more often)
  4. communicatie media (wiki, mailinglist, blog, twitter, how do we communicate and with whom)
  5. Create a list of 'goals'
  6. milestones

besloten punten

  • Name: Technica Incognita ^W Technologia Incognita
  • Webmind will visit inquire about Volkskrant Gebouw and Dynamo
  • madeddie will inquire at the Korsakoff
  • DrWhax will write 'questionaire-mail' for other spaces
  • justa will write our 'starting manifesto' as well as a general 'why we exist' text
  • webmind will register domains after last veto (done: on his name; justa has a slew of the typo/alike-domains)
  • justa or webmind will arrange hosting (www/wiki/mailinglist/etc) (In progress: mailinglist is up; wiki; blog in progress)
  • next meeting: 07-09 19:00 Canvas ontop of Volkskrant gebouw

financial goals:

  • contribution between 20 and 40 euro per month
  • location around 400 euro per 100m2
  • We need to make a contact-list to be able to quickly reach people (in case phones are lost, etc)