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This page is a placeholder.

Please see SocialMediaPolicy for info about the origin/nature of this committee.

At the ALV of March 2018 it was decided by the members to have a Media Committee that'd come to look at our media-presence.

This page is reserved for them.

Current members

The current members of the Social-Media committee are:

  • Chotee
  • Katje
  • Webmind

Social media Assets

Here's the list of assets we know about:

Maintained social media profiles

For these media we've accepted that and/or how we will use them.

Medium Maintained by Comments Katje & webmind Microblog webmind Event planning / Calender

Unmaintained social media profiles

We either haven't formalised a policy for usage for this or have nobody for maintaining it. Or it's in an unknown state.

The asset (member who has access)