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Hostname router.ti
IPv6 2001:470:7894::1
Function Our core router
Location Glassroom

This is work in progress


This is our core router. It's a Mikrotik RB-450G running OpenWRT 12.09, r36088. It runs @ 680Mhz on a Atheros AR7161 CPU, has 256 MB DDR SDRAM and 512 MB NAND flash. 5 Gbit ethernet ports, 4 of them connected to an Atheros AR8316 switch chipset. That chip however does not provide support for mixed tagged and untagged VLANs on the same port.

General overview

Low level overview


Running services

Service Name Service Description Runs As Depends On Additional Information
bind Bind DNS nameserver N/A
named ISC DHCP Server N/A
radvd Router advertisement daemon N/A
nginx Reverse proxy server N/A

Configuration files


Backup scripts used

Files and folders in the backup job