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<amx109> to my ear, dutch is like 18th century english, spoken by a very drunk person
(IRL) Danish Hacker: "I am an animal that needs direct satisfaction."
<amx109> boobs
<tg> you're doing it wrong
<tg> b(.)(.)bs
<DrWhax> im a big sarcastic asshole
<DrWhax> sometimes I can hide it really well
(IRL) Dear Leader: "I know for a fact that the red light district is open after 1 am"
(IRL) madeddie: "Don't lose my bitches!"
<nathan7> and this is why hanging out with awesome slightly odd people is much more awesome than hanging out with normal people
(IRL) Dear Leader: "Do you know the thing about Mein Kampf?"
(IRL) ultratux: "Yea, i really like Aztec girls but they're not around anymore"
<@DrWhax> I have a turtle fetish
<completely out of context>
(IRL) madeddie: "I will go after everybody"
(IRL) amx109: "Take me!"
[10:59] * webmind doesn't care so much what it runs, aslong as it's a system enough people know about to fix it
[10:59] <@dreamer> | what about a system that doesn't break for stupid reasons? :)
[10:59] <@webmind> | there's no such thing
[10:59] <@webmind> | they're all made by humans
19:43 <@Wizzup_> let me know if I have to move the wiki page to my own DIY terrorist wiki
<@ultratux> I did not say that having a small one wasn't better than none at all...
<@ultratux> ...that's what SHE said!
<@ArdaXi> ultratux: Was it? I'm so sorry.
<@ultratux> | yeah. Why get defeated in an all-out battle if you can play sniper on irc, right.
continuing the techinc turtle love in... 
16:38 <@justa> | i like turtles
<@buZz> not controversial until you fill it with homemade gay pr0n
<@DrWhax> I should finish that some day -_-
14:40 <@justa> supersmooth and hard
[21:20] <DrWhax> | amx109: I DONT GET IT
[21:21] <DrWhax> | brits...
[21:21] <amx109> | :D
[21:21] <justa>  | ... a new meme was bron
<@amx109> DrWhax: oh yea. artis. 9th dec? ;)
<@DrWhax> amx109: lets gooooo o/
<@ArdaXi> DrWhax: Yeah you are.
<@amx109> DrWhax: zoo to dildos in..3 lines. epic
<@webmind> ultratux_, I have goal of trolling here
<@amx109> ardaxi: no one cares about heaven
<@ArdaXi> amx109: Are you offended they won't let you in?
(IRL) nathan7: "It's pink. It's fabulous"
[12:28] <@ArdaXi> | Looking at the supports on an actual 3D dildo is pretty... entertaining.
<@webmind> look at it, so pretty when you peel of it's skin and little bits of blood drop out
<@webmind> such sweet tasting flesh
<@webmind> these little ones are really tasty
<@ArdaXi> #im14andthisisfunny
[17:13] <@part> | gentoo is like a religion, you don't really understand it, but it sure seems to make you feel good
<@DrWhax> i'm 14 and what is this
[22:56] <@    nathan7> | stef: microlithography
[22:56] <@       stef> | i'm gonna have to google that one ;)
[22:57] <@    nathan7> | it is micro and lithography
[22:57] <@    nathan7> | I put the two words together
[22:57] <@    nathan7> | blammo, microlithography
[22:57] <@     ArdaXi> | nathan7: Did you learn about portmanteaus today?
[22:57] <@    nathan7> | ArdaXi: no, I was explaining it to stef 
<@amx109> realitygaps: if its just drips, this has happened before
[21:09] <@   Wizzup__> | we should have Gentoo Mondays, where we can compile all evening
15:56 < Wizzup> I will get new boobs tomorrow
15:56 < Wizzup> wait...
15:56 < Wizzup> ...
15:56 < Wizzup> fobs
<@BugBlue> how do I hand in the membership form?
<@justa> BugBlue: stick it in the_JinX's pants
Amran in RL: We..
Justa in RL: who ?
Amran in RL: We, the Windows people !
<@     amx109> | to space or not to space
<@     ArdaXi> | That is the question, whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
<@    nathan7> | the slings and arrows of fellow space members
<@     ArdaXi> | Or to take arms against a sea of trolls
<@DrWhax> otr++
<@DrWhax> fap fap fap
<@amx109> calm down
<@DrWhax> no fu, i'm excited about OTR
<@Arnie> imagine a cpu tied up in a dark cellar and the irdc operator circling it, dripping wax candle in one hand, whip in the other
16:08  * Wizzup just repaired the root
16:08 <@Wizzup> roof
<ultratux@afk> Nathan, ArdaXi is right.
[14:10] <@the_JinX> | gentoo is prototypical of thespace .. lots of arguements .. lots of bussyness.. not very productive
[23:10] <@nathan7> | and if you're not guido you don't build arrays into infinity
<@ArdaXi> I try not to touch it too much
<@DrWhax> thats what she said
<@dreamer> if only that where true
11:55 <@ArdaXi> Oi, I'm totally honest about my ignorance
11:55 <@justa> we'll gladly help you with a t-shirt stating the same
00:59 <@Wizzup> ultratux: jouw mails beantwoorden is altijd moeite
<@DrWhax> im not a hipster
nathan7 hands DrWhax a pair of thick-rimmed glasses
<@DrWhax> I dont even have black rimmed glasses
<@DrWhax> o
<@ArdaXi> I procrastinated so much I ended up founding a company instead of studying ffs
[20:27] <@Wizzup> | nathan7: When a guy is good at doing something with his hands. When his fingers move nimbly.
Something as simple as typing fast. It makes me think of what he would do to me with his hands...
<@nathan7> if you have an arduino, you have an ISP
<@amx109> ASP, no?
<@nathan7> In System Programmer. ISP.
<@nathan7> ASP = Anal System Programmer?
<@ultratux> nathan7: I cannot follow. But I like your optimism.
<@ArdaXi> One girl who saw it just couldn't stop laughing
[19:12] <@ArdaXi>  | IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH
[19:12] <@nathan7> | WAR IS PEACE
[19:12] <@ArdaXi>  | FREEDOM IS SLAVERY
[19:13] <@mwfc>    | caps is on the left...
19:33 <@ArdaXi> Nobody is going to do inventory at our space
19:35 <@ArdaXi> hypertux: I am fairly confident nobody will.
19:46 <@ArdaXi> I expressed my own personal views. Just because you can't interpret English doesn't mean I should dumb mine down.
19:47 <@ArdaXi> I am quite tired of you blaming your inability to parse English on me.
19:48 <@ArdaXi> hypertux: Again, I am not going to dumb down my English just for your benefit.
19:58 <@ArdaXi> hypertux: Except this entire thing started by you not grasping my meaning
19:58 <@ArdaXi> So perhaps language is more important than you think
19:59 <@ArdaXi> You attack me for what I think I mean, not for what I say
19:59 <@ArdaXi> It's kinda ridiculous
12:50 <@amx109> i said topical. not tropical
12:50 <@ArdaXi> What's the difference?
21:07 <@Stickers> PICTURES OF PUSSIES
[14:00] <@DrWhax> | I'm a CEO, I should be bathing in woman
[14:00] <@DrWhax> | eh
[14:00] <@DrWhax> | MONEY
[14:21] <@dreamer> | ah, we have a hip-hop artist at the space: whax.i.am
[14:21] <@DrWhax>  | :D
[14:21] <@dreamer> | member of The Black Eyed Pgps
[01:57] <nathan7> | amx109: javascript is the hitler of programming languages
[20:47] <@DrWhax> | i'm only a hipster zombie on sunday morning when I crawl out of my bed into the world full of intellectual despair, I cheer my self up by reading nietzche in a coffee company
[20:50] <@DrWhax> | I had this short conversation on a plane with somebody next to me who saw me reading nietzsche, we both decided I was pretty hardcore and probably didnt understand half of it.
[20:50] <@DrWhax> | both are true
22:03 <@DrWhax> my internet is full of despair today :(
22:04 <@amx109> and i, full of fail
22:04 <@DrWhax> amx109: what else is new? :)
22:04  * amx109 cries
22:05  * DrWhax pets amx109
22:05  * arym cries too
22:05 <@Wizzup> boys dont cry~
22:05 <@DrWhax> you could always become a manager and be like, I have no idea what the fuck im doing but im earning well so scrw you guiz
22:06 <@ArdaXi> amx109: Yes, listen to DrWhax. No matter how bad life gets, you can always become a manager.
22:06 <@ArdaXi> Don't you feel better now?
<@amx109> nathan7: what can we buy that is abundant, round and long
12:07 <@mwfc> Mattronix: irssi even guesses good. Therefore the irssi /disco got so famous
12:07 -!- Mattronix [~matthew@] has quit [Quit: leaving]
12:07  * nathan7 highfives mwfc 
12:08 <@mwfc> wohoo
15:06 <@Janus> die vrouw roept dan " wiiiiizup wiiiizuuuuuuppp!! "
15:06 <@cmpxchg> 'ik mag er niet in'
00:54 <@buZz> gewoon doen, tegen problemen aanlopen, tegen mensen over praten, vooral niet luisteren naar wat ze erover te zeggen 
      hebben, en aanpassen in code, redo from start
00:54 <@buZz> soort inverted bikeshedding
[23:21] <@ArdaXi> | Wizzup: It's a YouTube commenter. Grammar is the least of your worries.
[12:53] <@ultratux> | information wants to be free. Yeast wants to spread. It is all logical.
<@dreamer> women who want men to shave are just secret pedophiles
15:30 <@tew> "I'm leaving you for an NSA officer," she said.
15:30 <@tew> "But why? What does he have that I don't?"
15:30 <@tew> "He listens to me."
16:46 <@DrWhax> I just met you and this is crazy, here's my unicode, so parse it maybe?
15:01 <@realitygaps> also, we had a 3 box system from getting rid of random stuff, is that still active?
15:02 <@justa> realitygaps: it's there.
15:02 <@justa> realitygaps: but inactive
15:02 <@realitygaps> gives ppl some.time to find their stuff before its thrown out
15:02 <@justa> agreed. Cray didnt fit.
13:43 <@justa> r3boot: you're the other kind of nerd
13:43 <@justa> The enginerd
13:44 <@justa> the evil nemesis of the idealinerd
13:44 <@r3boot> ^_^
23:20 <@ArdaXi> webmind: our total current liquid assets comprise about 2k in total.
23:21 <@webmind> k
23:23 <@justa> gehehe
23:23 <@justa> he said...
23:23 <@justa> ass...ets
23:24 <@ArdaXi> justa: Did you have something to share with the class?
23:30 <@justa> ArdaXi: no sir; sorry sir.
23:31 <@ArdaXi> Good. Now, where was I?
23:31 <@ArdaXi> (Seriously, I have no idea)
23:33 <@justa> *throws paperball*
<nathan7> Je oma is een container.
webmind has difficulty with the length
<Control-K> Only one in hundred beers is ginger.
 <Mattronix> Hello, I'm Lindsay Lohan!
08.133154 < Wizzup> the quad core arm
08.133155 < Wizzup> guess what it runs
08.133157 < Wizzup> :)
08.133406 <@ultratux> ...emerge, for a couple weeks... ? ;-p
Mattronix: I can take ten at once!

01:20 <@ArdaXi> everything's going to systemd in the end
01:20 < Wizzup> Why?
01:20 < Wizzup> I doubt that every much
01:23 <@ArdaXi> Wizzup: wasn't referring to gentoo there
01:23 < Wizzup> ...
01:23 <@ArdaXi> would consider gentoo the one exception
01:23 <@ArdaXi> because it doesn't force an initsystem on you
01:23 <@ArdaXi> so, no, in this case, everything does not include gentoo
14:18 <@realitygaps> ultratux: might just be that shardik didnt have the fights to change the topic
14:19 <@realitygaps> s/fights/rights/
14:19 <@DrWhax> realitygaps: freud would be proud of that one.
[09:42] <@p0c> | coffee is a dependency for booting my laptop =p
[09:42] <@p0c> | it's the LUKS salt
[10:54] <@Julf> | Sure. Violence and blood is part of the American Way. Tits aren't. 
[IRL][cmpxchg commenting on a 1983 JVC color video camera] Nu heb je alle imperfecties in hardware
03:09 <@ultratux> wat, slaap je nog niet?
03:13 <@Kimchi> nee
03:14 <@Kimchi> Ik maak ruzie met mensen op het internet
11:21 <@stef> tew: thats the beauty of macbook, can run both windows And OSX!
11:22 < phicoh1> So you can run 2 operating systems you don't want to run? Wow
[12:38] <@ArdaXi>   | why is time so linear
[12:39] <@mmalecki> | depends on the drugs
<@cFire> I'm not sure /dev/null qualifies as a write device
<@cFire> sure you can pipe stuff to it
<@cFire> but nothing is ever written
<@ultratux> cFire: Sure it is written. Prove me wrong.
<@phicoh1> You also write to /dev/zero, the bits will be cleaned an returned on the next read :-)
<@JnX> wanna go see a 45 cent concert?
<@JnX> 50 Cent ft Nickleback
<@JnX> Avocado imediately .. followed by chalk .. and leather .. black
[IRL] (ultratux commenting during a presentation) Z80 assembly...!? The only assembly I know is Ikea assembly.
 22:17 <@ultratux> Debian... putting the 'apt' in laptop
 22:17 <@ultratux> Gentoo: putting the 'emerge' in emergency... ;-)
 23:06  * Wizzup has shell
 23:08 <@stef> Wizzup: usually when i say that at work it means my job is done :)
 <@brainsmoke> Rumour has it that the US DoD once tried to get funding for a water computer
 <@brainsmoke> but the President didn't want any more water gates
 (Wizzup IRL) There's nothing wrong with Brocolli
 (Ultratux IRL) Het gaat niet om de kernel, het gaat er om hoeveel modules je kan inserten
 23:02 <@skinnr> ArdaXi: it's called not-really-giving-a-f*ck 
 23:02 <@skinnr> it's quite cheap
 23:03 <@ArdaXi> oh, right, apathematine
 19:11 <@ultratux> Ha! Finally I've come up with the proper analogy to the CAT5E/CAT6 debate for the infra here...: 
 It reminds me of the farmer who went out and bought alloy wheels for his tractor... so he could plough faster.
 23:49 <@cmpxchg> did miley cyrus also ride her wrecking ball through the dirty room wall ?
 23:49 <@nathan7> it rhymes, it must be true
 23:50 <@ArdaXi> see, now I have this image in my head of ultratux doing that music video
 23:50 <@ArdaXi> ...I need more therapy
01:11 <@tew> openelec on rpi b+ plays video fine
01:11 <@tew> even do sterescopic 3d no problemo :)
01:16 <@tew> and now something went fubar and I only see the left-eye view :D
01:17 <@tew> I guess this is what pirates see when they watch movies
 (Daan IRL) De waarde van geld is te meten, maar niet in getallen.
14:17  * justa issues a one-child-per-parent policy on his Red Flag Linux kernel
While discussing the depth of a 19" flightcase:
(Mattronix IRL) So how wide is it actually?
A MacBook Air user:
I forgot to bring my ethernet port today . .
(Daan IRL) Women should not suffrage.
[talk about EeePC's]
00:27 <@webmind> I lost mine @ maagdenhuis
00:27 <@Wizzup> that's what she said!
(IRL, during debate about installing a window that opens for fresh air, in reply to an enquiry what topic was being discussed)
Phicoh: We've just decided to deploy Windows!
14:45  * justa aims the LOIC on Stef.
14:46 <@stef_> justa: come at me bro, im behind NAT!
12:00 <@piele> iot, can't spell idiot without it.
13:42 <@shardik> The space is now 
13:42 -!- shardik changed the topic of #techinc to: Welcome to Technologia Incognita, we are . https://www.techinc.nl/ - Social night every Wednesday at ACTA
22:33 < DokterBob> sjaan: thanks as well for that alert thing. 
22:33 <@sjaan> np
22:33 < DokterBob> sjaan: what actually happends when you do that?
22:34 <@sjaan> all ppl in the space are electrocuted :)
01:22 <@Wizzup> the_JinX: ik wil er een arm ding in stoppen, voornamelij (sic)
(IRL) Ultratux: Misschien moeten we maar met zijn allen chinees gaan praten, want die Chinezen... het gaat niet heel hard met hun Engels.
17:06 <@ArdaXi> yaml is het eerste data serializatie formaat dat ik gezien heb dat human-readable maar niet human-parsable is
(IRL) - "Wat smaak betreft, de chocolade van Tony Chocolonely kon me bijvoorbeeld niet echt boeien..."
      - "Ehm... Ik zou het woord 'boeien' niet gebruiken in de context van slaafvrije chocolade."
22:33 <@brainsmoke> the idea of fruitful entertainment is just bananas
11:55 <@shardik> [ Tina Turner - We Don't Need Another Hero [Official Music Video] - YouTube ]
11:55 <@Maikel> LOL
11:56 <@Maikel> by many warshipped as a female rockstar++
12:05 <@ultratux> warshipped?? lol
12:06 <@ultratux> I think you meant worshipped. Unless she's an aircraft carrier
(IRL) Brainsmoke: Wacht maar... ooit komt SystemD-Day!
20:04:37 <ultratux> Systemd walks into a bar, shoots the owner, proclaims it is the new owner, turns the bar into a casino, adds a hotel, a grocery store and an init system.
00:31 <@DrWhax> brainsmoke: en een soldeer tip voor jou
00:32 <@ultratux> DrWhax: hij heeft geen tips meer nodig... hij is al zo goed
00:32 <@DrWhax> badumtisch :)
<@ultratux>  okay. it's a mystery. wrapped in an enigma.                               
<@realitygaps> wrapped in an http api                                                    
<@Wizzup> in the cloud :)
12:47 <@tew> it puts the +o on its nick or it gets the +b again
00:37 <@parazyd> i386 coming in a few days                                                                                                 |
00:37 <@parazyd> sorry about that                                                                                                          |
00:38 <@ultratux> ah, intel finally have a successor to their 286 ? cool       
<@DrWhax> I stopped dating in the hacker scene ;)

14:06:24 <Maikel> "Tuxies law (or tuxies's rule of Systemd analogies) is an Internet adage which asserts that "As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparis
14:06:24 <Maikel> hes that is, if an online discussion (regardless of topic or scope) goes on long enough, sooner or later someone will compare someone or something to systemd. "
14:48:15 <ultratux> enne, je weet zelf dat vagina stoelen niet kunnen, hele hordes nare mannen zouden die gaan zitten likken en strelen en grabben...

12:05 <@Dantali0n> I was always so Intrigued as a kid when I got LSD

11:18:35  @Chotee | Very very rarely do we see public display of Windowsness in our space... But some will admit   
                  | to Dual-bootism when under enough coercion..

11:37:50 @stef | realitygaps: holier than thou 
11:38:30 @realitygaps | its not about holier than thou imho. would you really want to have tails based off osx or windows 
                      | instead of free software?

14:46:12 @stef_ | realitygaps: anyway, i dont disagree there are issues, but how to say this in english, there is a point where 
                | even the peaceloving hippy says fuck it and goes on a rampage if you tell him often enough that he's a bad guy :)  

10:22:22 @Wilco | ethical hackers, wat een rotwoord                                                           
10:22:35 @Wilco | suggereert dat normale hackers geen ethiek hebben.

22:57:53 @webmind | How to find me on Mastodon?                                         
22:57:54 @webmind | You'll need my latitoot and longitoot.                              
22:58:01 @webmind | sorry                                                              
22:59:08 @brainsmoke | and altitoot

22:55:01 thomascovenant | EH17 "Where are you from?" "Ah, from X! ...but how did you end up in here? Do you know somebody here? Or did   
                        | you just randomly search for events?" :-)               
22:55:27 thomascovenant | I should go with yes, I live with polar bears, and search for random events online. Tell me more.

12:18:00 BadBoii | Maikel: You on a trolling spree?                          
12:19:39 Maikel | note: we play tuxe racer                                     
12:19:45 Maikel | BadBoii: no darling                                          
12:19:48 Maikel | not yet.                                                  
12:19:56 Maikel | Shall we start in a bit 

12:22:00 Maikel | I subscribed this day two people for an invite to scientology 

20:34 <@Julf> a pessimist is never disappointed
21:42 <@thomascovenant> .checkout
21:42 < shardik> thomascovenant is now checked out
21:42 <@thomascovenant> .who
21:42 < shardik> mouse

00:22:15 @Katje | stef_, wfk: you two are in voilent agreement!

@Katje  | I suggested reeducation through percussive means
webmind | 00:20 <@Katje> webmind: If I found out someone had hacked my laptop,from within the space, there may be percussive
        reprograming of their neural centres

23:31 <webmind> I do think the doorbot allows for longer pins than 4 :)
23:32 <@ultratux> webmind: for a fact. wizzup had a 37 digit pin code. now he 
                 uses the key because it's too tedious to type in.

00:56:59 @wfk | "in God we trust.  The rest we monitor."  
01:08:30 @wfk | webmind: I think I got that quote from an old-hand UNIX sysadmin (think 1980s) 

00:36:54 @Katje | wfk: what is the notice period when firing a sys admin?                 
00:38:43 @Katje | disable their accounts, then fire them, and give them their notice period as leave. you can't trust them otherwise 

13:21 <@wfk> my take on systemd: "What's this talk of UNIX/POSIX?  We thought 
            Linux was a badly implemented clone of Windows NT, so we set about 
            fixing it."  :-)
13:22 <@Maikel> systemd rant time...GO
23:02 <@Juerd> Whoa, there's documentation? :P
 @webmind | 'labourday? what's that?'                                                                    
 @Chotee  | webmind: Laubour day: "the day that we celebrate how our democratically elected officials hand 
            our life's energies to the capitalist class for scraps and a seat on the board of
            directors?" ?                                                                                     
 @DrWhax  | happy international workers day! 
< Xipholenabot>  Hello world!
<@Xipholena> A new version of the bot.
<@Katje> .math 1+1
< Xipholenabot>  2
<@Katje> .math rm -rf /* 
< Xipholenabot>  Please be nice to me.
<@Katje> .math *hugs*
< Xipholenabot>  Xipholena does not allow me to process that.
<@Xipholena> Aww
<@Katje> .math *kiss*
< Xipholenabot>  Don't push my buttons.
 * Katje applauds 
<@Xipholena> :D

<@Katje> techinc is searching for consensus. Ready the popcorn!      

@Katje | back in 2015 I had a job interview where I was asked "where do you see yourself in 5 years time?"
@Katje | I replied "I don't know, I don't have 2020 vision"              
ro5k0_ | Hahahahaha                                                     
@Katje | these days if I get that question, I think the answers "scavenging for water in the remains of post apolcalypse earth"

@p2-mate    | cmpxchg: how do you get the patch if you can't connect your windows machine to the internet? :)                                                         
@stef       | if only somebody discovered some kind of device with memory storage that you could physically move to another pc..                                   
@brainsmoke | carrier pidgeons? 

@Julf          | Is it just me, or are the tourists even more tourist-y than usual?                       
@realitygaps__ | Julf: yeah i have the same feeling last week or so                                        
@realitygaps__ | and its only the start o.o  

@parazyd | yesterday i went to sleep this morning 

@Julf | IGF was created to divert yet another attempt to hand over IANA (and other Internet governance functions) to UN/ITU. 

@realitygaps__  | tfw toool is actually becoming an open organisation :)                             
@thomascovenant | Is it becoming.... an open organisation of lockpickers?                          
@Katje          | hardly going to be a locked organisation is it?

@Katje    | what are you testing ?                                                            
@keesj    | well.. I have a sysadmin here trying to figure out if my machine is vulnerable  
@Katje    | to anything in particular?                                                     
@Katje    | flu?                                                                               
@Katje    | small pox?                                                                         
@atluxity | intel amt?

@the_JinX | ush .. I need help . .                                                                    
@the_JinX | . . on my talk                                                                          
@the_JinX | Dick Pics for Privacy                                                                 
@the_JinX | ethical trolling of (government) agencies                                                 
@the_JinX | wanted to do a 15 minute one .. no 30 minute                                          
@the_JinX | :/                                                                                         
@brainsmoke | so you need 15 minutes of extra dick-pics?                                                  
@parazyd    | uptime | perl -ne "/(\d+) d/;print 8,q(=)x\$1,\"D\""                                  
@the_JinX | :                                                                                           
@the_JinX | D   

@stef | i used to work at some cable ISP 10+ years ago, back then ppl giving their modem back by throwing it through a window was a
        suprisingly common thing.. :)

@Maikel " Sitting around, smoking marijuana, eating Cheetos and masturbating do not constitute ‘plans.’" -- Walter 

@hoverbear     | thomascovenant: Where we're going, we don't need no class.                                  
@realitygaps__ | ah you are going to techinc then i assume :)  

<@ultratux> I can hear G.W. Bush saying it... "The French don't even have a word for saboteur"

14:23 < Katje> but we've not had an alv in at least a month...

[reacting to Sean Spicer explaining that Trump really didn't misspell "coverage" when he tweeted that "covfefe" word]
<ultratux> Nah, my zipper isn't down. These pants were designed to have a vertical gap at dick level with little rows of tiny metal blocky things lining the edges of the gap on each side...
<ultratux> I just felt like not ending my sentence but instead sending my code word to my little group of people who are also on twitter

@DrWhax      | mystery of the day! key was found in the toilet with fox-it logo, but was from another space rented in the 
             | space!!!1111oneoneone                       
@webmind     | fox-it spies in the building!                                                
bigmacfoobar | it smelled like weed in is room - he appears to live there

Thomas Covenant on twitter: "Sometimes I think that top three insomnia reasons within the community are Club Mate, cuddle deficiency
and someone being wrong on irc."

<hacktix> Grep! Grep! Grep!! sed the Awk, jumping off the cliff

<ultratux> thomascovfefenant: BR
* Katje giggles
<@stef_> ppl in the train are now wondering why im laughing.. thx ultratux 

<@realitygaps__> "Sports is to war as pornography is to sex"
<ultratux> realitygaps__: you mean, with closeups, with the lights on, and cringingly bad dialogue? Sounds about right yeah.

@webmind  | "Idiots guide to space" was not about keeping the hackerspace tidy? :)   
@ultratux | lol  

Mobile app error message: "you seem to be shaking the phone in frustration, would you like to file a bug report"
Webmind: I was laughing!

* | ultratux waves back from no-Gnome, no-Systemd gentoo land

thomascovenant | stef__: I can feel your usb c from here
@DrWhax        | boom
@stef__        | usbc is like the one thing that is actually good on this laptop :)

<@Katje> oh, and imperial measures are just bonkers moron stupid 
<@justa> unless you're playing a march
<@justa> i cant imagine the metric march sounding as impressively haunting

<@stef__> no putting it on the quotes page! :)

<@DrWhax> went out last night in my apt install anarchism sweater and had someone from code-rood said, hey dude, are you anarcho??
<@Maikel> DrWhax: and you: "No, since systemD we're Capitalist anarcho"
<@brainsmoke> DrWhax: due to copyright issues thatpackage has been renamed to icenarchism in debian

Phicoh IRL: there's some sort of song distracting from this porn.

<thomascovenant> do NOT put me into quotes
<@buZz>  thomascovenant 
<@dec23> `thomascovenant`
<@bigmacfoobar> if you can't wait 24hr for male order, you pay extra.
<@webmind> female order preferred? ;)
<@Julf> and a lot of americans use smart cars to get from their SUV into the mall
<@webmind[m]> Katje: they have the church of icecream in this town. I'm on f(l)avour
<@stef__> webmind[m]: now thats a religion i could get behind!
<@webmind[m]> It's def. The cream of them all yes
<@stef__> kinda nice that you can have a whole set of deities like strawberry/vanilla/chocolate chip/etc :)
<@webmind[m]> That's a split I do not mind indeed

brainsmoke | .who 's the cat that won't cop out, when there's danger all about?               
shardik    | bakboter 
@thomascovenant | .who will never leave a mess when it's miau, weed or chess?                            
shardik         | bakboter 
dec23 | stef_, no, i am stuck in the "apple is an evil company formerly run by a total bastard who is thankfully dead and is now going down
        the drain because their great hero is gone.

[17:36:45] <ultratux> That is my wish.
[17:37:20] <buZz> your wish is granted
[17:37:35] <buZz> you may now kiss the bamischijf and i pronounce you tux and lover
[17:37:54] <ultratux> buZz:  the mail, not the bamischijf.

Julf | We need an ALV to vote about cooking in the bike shed
14:21 <@Maikel> I have a little secret to tell you, r3boot
14:21 <@r3boot> uh oh
14:21 <@Maikel> As a teenager I was really in to Take That.
[GoT Techinc style]
@ultratux       | and cercei and brienne have a lesbian encounter
@Katje          | cos if they don't have a lesbian encounter, I'm going to be disappoint...
@thomascovenant | brienne and cersei have a debian encounter? :) 
@Katje          | debian encounters of the 3rd kind 
@ultratux       | jaime lannister dies a horrible painful death...                                                         
@Katje          | finally                                                                                                  
@ultratux       | ...when he tries to boot up the first computer in the seven kingdoms but realizes too late it's debian with systemd
@ultratux       | okay, not giving spoilers becomes difficult now
[15:03:31] <kamitor[m]> Maikel, if you were here, I'd eat you. But now I have to with something less toxic.
[15:06:46] <kamitor[m]> Its okay maikel, Im sure that when we chop you into bits, We'll have people lining up to "Grill" you.
[15:08:31] <kamitor[m]> Its okay Maikel, The quaity of the meat is all that matters. That touch of rage, coupled with that deep layered irony gives it that much more. 
15:06:59   @Maikel | I like your humor
15:07:09   @Maikel | there's not much meat on my bones though
15:07:13   @Maikel | so it's more like spare ribs

@brainsmoke 	| TERROR! WHOOOOP!
@kamitor[m] 	| brainsmoke: Never thought you would be capable of terror, You seem so nice in person
@realitygaps__  | run to the hills
@DrWhax 	| north koreans!
@realitygaps__  | north korea attackng
@[m]ultratux	| herewego
@[m]ultratux 	| no, it's a mining rig automated drone

Bohemian rhapsody TechInc style:

 @Arnie         | what is this?
 @Arnie         | is this real life?   
 @cmpxchg        | basic C/C++
 @thomascovenant | it is just fanta-c
 @realitygaps__ | caught in a recursive loop
 @realitygaps__ | caught in a recursive loop
 @realitygaps__ | no escape from reality(gaps)
 @realitygaps__ | open your ios
 @realitygaps__ | look up to the skynet and C
 * | realitygaps__ on a boat
 @cmpxchg       | long main = 0xc8c70ff0;
 @thomascovenant | I'm just a poor miner
 @realitygaps__ | i need no sympa
 @brainsmoke    | easy COM object easy golang
 @brainsmoke    | little ceil() little floor()
 @realitygaps__ | anyway way with windows doesnt really matter , hack me
 @realitygaps__ | hack
 @realitygaps__ | me
 @realitygaps__ | mama,  just killed a process...
 @realitygaps__ | put a.gun against its head, kill -9 d it now its dead
 @realitygaps__ | too late everybody systemd has come
 @realitygaps__ | time to leave it all behind and start again
 @realitygaps__ | linus.... ooooohoooooh
 @cmpxchg        | it's not dead, it is non-existent unless a signal is still being handled
 @brainsmoke     | but I've gone and dd if=/dev/zero'ed it all away
 @thomascovenant | solaris, ooooooh... it's the way my vm goes
 @thomascovenant | Didn't mean to wannacry
 @brainsmoke     | I don't want to exit(1), I sometimes wish I'd never been fork()ed at all o/~
 @cmpxchg        | it good to know if one shares a few pages with another process
 @realitygaps__  | forkbomb forkbomb
 @brainsmoke     | [Keyboard Solo]
 @cmpxchg        | konijenreeks
 @realitygaps__  | mechanical keybd solo
 @brainsmoke     | :-D
 @cmpxchg        | rythmic typing for those that fear strong typing
 @thomascovenant | cmpxchg: are you doing Scaramouche, Scaramouche, will you do the Fandango? :P
 @brainsmoke | I see a little /etc/shadow of a user
 @brainsmoke | sudo mount, sudo main, will you do the fakeroot
 @brainsmoke | sudo mount, sudo mount, will you do the fakeroot*
 @brainsmoke | thunderbold and lightning, very very frightening Intel ME
 @thomascovenant | Turing, Turing, Turing, Magnifico-o-o-o-o
 @cmpxchg        | galileo, galileo the intel devboard is dead
 @brainsmoke     | I'm just a poor bot, nobody loves me
 @thomascovenant | He's just a poor object with no family
 @[m]ultratux    | [choir] HE'S JUST A POOR BOT NOBODY LOVES HIM
 @brainsmoke     | Spare him his diff from this monstrosity
 @brainsmoke     | Easy git easy commit, will you let me push?
 @thomascovenant | Bismillah! No, we will not let you push. (Let him push!)
 @thomascovenant | Bismillah! No, we will not let you push. (Let him push!)
 @thomascovenant | Bismillah! No, we will not let you push. (Let him push!)
 @cmpxchg        | bismillah git remote set origin ...
 @brainsmoke     | [virtuous mechanical keyboard solo]
 @thomascovenant | Never let you mego (Never, never, never, never let you mego)
 @thomascovenant | oh oh oh
 @thomascovenant | n9 n9 n9 n9 n9
 @brainsmoke | Bitlbee has a daemon put aside for me
 @brainsmoke | for meee

 @justa    | wait
 @justa    | since when has Joomla ever been better than Wordpress
 @justa    | or...even ..anything
 @justa    | like...i dont even...
 @ultratux | yeah... it's like choosing between guillotine and hanging... wtf

 @cmpxchg | wfk: never too early to instill some fear into kids... better learn those computers before you get hacked...

 @brainsmoke | realitygaps__: emailverification.info makes all my scammy sensors tickle...

 shardic       │"The changing or "rolling" of the KSK Key was originally scheduled to occur on 11 October, but it is being delayed because some recently obtained
               | data shows that a significant number of resolvers used by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Network Operators are not yet ready for the Key
               │ Rollover."
 @bigmacfoobar | "we need some more time to crack this"
 @ultratux     | "With confidence, we can fully assure you that if you just keep throwing money at the problem, we will eventually succeed in resolving it"

 @Julf | Blaming ICANN is like blaming the EU... 

 [ after picking up a smartboard at revspace and bringing it to techinc ]
 <@ultratux> justa: I heard rumors that you now have become a smart board member. congrats! ;)
 <@justa> Gehehe.. that made me giggle; well done.

<@cmpxchg> what does the word misogynictic mean in todays LGHBTQBBQ era ?
<@ultratux> LGHBTQ...BBQ? Is that all genders, plus cannibalism?

 @Julf | I still remember the time I had to go to northern holland in a snowstorm
       | I was in a light, rear-wheel-driven convertible without any electronic aids. I was being
       │ careful based on Finnish standards, going 90 in the totally empty outer lane, as all the
       │ SUVs were doing 50 in the inner lane

 @ro5k0 | Europe.  An English speaking, German run, state financed, singularity.

 @Statler | anyone got any cybersolder I can borrow? I need it to fix my broken smart blockchain.

 @dreamer        | Wizzup: never invest anything if you're not willing to lose it
 @brainsmoke     | dreamer: so never invest in true love?
 @dreamer        | "better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all"
 @DrWhax         | love to the fullest :)
 @thomascovenant | \o/LovE\o/
 @dreamer        | "better to have coined and lost than never to have coined at all"
 @Wizzup         | coin to the fullest :)

 <realitygaps> green energy, is that what you get as someone with adhd when you smoke weed for focus?

    [During a debate on which secure messaging systems are worthwhile to use]
<@Wizzup> stef: I've just grown hesitant to push for anything that will disappear in a few years
<@stef> Wizzup: you mean privacy? :)

<@DrWhax> hmm, I dont think I can make a reliable foo_bar with my current board                                                                |
<@DrWhax> oh well                                                                                                                                 |
<@ultratux> not to worry, in a few days there will be a NEW BOARD!                                                                                |
<@ultratux> *BOOM!*                                                                                                                               |
<@DrWhax> lol                                                                                                                                     |
<@DrWhax> sharp :)

21:54 <@stef> ben jij van mening dat ons bestuur bewust kwaadwillig was?
21:54 <@BugBlue> kwaadwillig? nee, ik noem dat kansloos
21:54 <@BugBlue> door mensen aan te zien voor sourcecode compilers, en een soort gentoo implementaties die altijd alles opnieuw bekijken.

@aczid | there is a way to be a hacker that fits outside the definition of hacker

<@DrWhax> https://twitter.com/RTLnieuws/status/989163081950515200                                                                                 |
<@shardik> [ RTL Nieuws op Twitter: "CDA-leider Buma worstelt met de vraag: wat is eigenlijk een herinnering? #dividenddebat… " ]                 |
<@DrWhax> buma gaat naar huis met goud                                                                                                            |
<@DrWhax> echt hoe buma draait, zo hard, dat buma/stemra er royalties van willen innen      

[16:41:56] <Katje> chotee: glad to here you enjoyed your bike ride. How's your arse today ? 

@realitygaps | but hes also an apple watch person now afaicr
@ultratux    | oh he turned to the dark side did he
@ultratux    | or is that still microsoft
@brainsmoke  | I think apple still is the aluminium side iirc

<Maikel> and such a typical cis white male comment!
<Chotee> Maikel: Great, so whenever I have a doubt in the future, it's awesome to know that you're the arbiter if what is typical for a cis white male... That saves a lot of soul-searching and self-reflection right there..

@ultratux | shouldn't the "Welcome to TI, we are closed" be complemented with a "Go away, we are open" message? #DTV ;p

<bigmacfoobar> #techinc heeft weer een raving lunatic
<FwD> was er een vacature?

< windhund_banana> Ik wens jullie allemaal een geweldige dag
< windhund_banana> die bijna is afgelopen, ik voel nauwelijks meer dankbaarheid voor het vragen of iets dergelijks behoorlijk gewelddadig is
< bigmacfoobar> ^^machine translation to dutch?
< windhund_banana> ja werkt geweldig

<@webmind> funny, whenever I dress up for Halloween, I end up in a suit
<@webmind> pochenk: last time as business consultant, this year FBI agent
<@webmind> although this suit does look quite good on me
<@pochenk> I guess the CIA better suits you

<@Wizzup> KOM JE NOG
<@Wizzup> that's what she said

<@Julf> Remember, if you go out in the forest, take a piece of fibre optic cable with you! If you get lost, a backhoe/digging machine will quickly find you....

 [context]: 12:00 <@hacktux> <quote> There are some complications, one of which is remote access via SSH. 'If you authenticate via SSH it goes via authorized keys in the home 
 directory. So if you want to authenticate something that is inside of the home directory, so that it can access the home directory, where does the  decryption key come from, 
 to access the home directory? It is a chicken-and-egg problem,' said Poettering. His solution is that the user must already be logged in, for SSH to work. <end quote>
 <@ultratux> de oplossing is natuurlijk gewoon triviaal: iedereen voortaan inloggen als root en daarna 'su - <username>' te doen. Dat is geen quote. ;)

<@Sebastius> brainsmoke: is the ball of burning retinas coming?

* dreamer wishes he still could put quotes on the wiki