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This will be the page for the newly formed powergroup, formed to compliment the network group, in looking after the electrical power within the space.

More soon.


Techinc has a Board, that manages admin/board stuff. It has a dispute committee that manages disputes. And a network group that manages the network. But as yet noone to manage the power. Until now.

The powergroup is formed with the intent of documenting, overhauling, and then maintaining the electrical power infrastructure of techinc.


Currently the following members have expressed an interest in joining the power group

  • Bigmac
  • rad0
  • Katje
  • You?


The power group isn't going to be able to do much without some funds to buy equipment. So far the following has been pledged

  • Bigmac €400
  • Katje €200 (once I have a job)
  • rad0 €50 (don't double my contribution pls :))
  • stef €50
  • You? €0