OTR hackathon

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OTR hackathon
Date 2013/06/01
Location ACTA
Type Hackathon
Contact User:DrWhax

STARTS AT 15:00!!

Off-the-Record (OTR) Messaging allows you to have private conversations over instant messaging by providing:

No one else can read your instant messages.
You are assured the correspondent is who you think it is.
The messages you send do not have digital signatures that are checkable by a third party. Anyone can forge messages after a conversation to make them look like they came from you. However, during a conversation, your correspondent is assured the messages he sees are authentic and unmodified.
Perfect forward secrecy
If you lose control of your private keys, no previous conversation is compromised.

The hackathon starts at 15:00 and ends around 23:00 or so.

The main aim of the hackathon is to write an GUI around the xmpp-client[1] written in Go by Adam Langley. Bonus points if we can get the GUI and program working on Linux, Windows and MacOSX!

In addition to that, it would be nice to have some security minded folks auditing Adium and Pidgin!

[1] https://github.com/agl/xmpp-client

People who are coming

  • DrWhax
  • tg
  • Erik