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DATES: 30. July - 10. August 2018.

People who confirmed: Vesna, Arnd, Alisa (15), Charlie (12); Nana, Iris (11), Lara (9); Patrice; ...

Dropping-by: Brane, Rajko, Kruno...

Maybe: Keith, Shailoh, Nikolina & family, Desiree,

Canceled: Evelien & Sicco, Joost & family,

LOCATION: Gubavcevo Polje, near Gracac, in Lika, Croatia (on OpenStreetMap )

Contact: Vesna: +31 6 21 25 81 91

Lika Links


User:Becha/Lika/Lodge (manual)


LikaCamp2016 & the report

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  • June: travel plans:
    • Mileva & Bogdan arrive 27th July??
    • Arnd arrives 29th July
    • Vesna & Kids arrive 30th July (before that: Camping Stoja 21.-30.7. near Pula)
    • Nana & kids arrive 3st August, or 30th July

  • May:
    • Nikolina went to visit; house is OK, PUH is still living there happily :) (see photos :) )
    • continued with planning...
  • March: Dates decided: 29.7. - 10.8.


Vesna: November 2017: I am looking for a core group of people who want to take a responsibility to make LikaCamp2018 happen: 5-7 people for the 20-30 participants in total.

My initial goals include:

  • bringing kids, camping, sharing the meals, sharing the expenses fairly; sharing the responsibilities in advance ;
    • nice to have: climbing, swimming, collecting medicinal herbs,
  • what I do NOT want is: big projects, Internet, to hire a cook ; to have an "open invite" ; to charge money in order to pay some people;
  • possible times: MeiVakantie (2018-04-27 to 2018-05-13) or 2 weeks in the summer (between 21.7. & 1.9.)

Vesna: January 2018: Waiting till mid-February, after FOSDEM, to initiate the group-discussion about the plans.

February 2018: there is interest; we moved on to choose the date & And made a mailing list

Plan for mid-March:

  • review the poll results
  • meet in person, in Amsterdam
  • have a video/phone call with people not in amsterdam
  • share the announcement with the rest of UnCiv list (althou the like & the intention was posted in January..)

An area of responsibility

Who / Coordinate people in advance Parenting Volunteering Give workshops Driving & shopping Local contacts Documentation Maintainance Finances coordination Coordinate daily activities & schedule Cooking coordination Cleaning coordination (extra column?)
Arnd + + + + + (photos) +
Kai + +  ? +
Vesna + + + + (not!) + + +
Who / Coordinate people in advance Parenting Volunteering Give workshops Driving & shopping Local contacts Documentation Maintainance Finances coordination Coordinate daily activities & schedule Cooking coordination Cleaning coordination (extra column?)

Possible tasks per area of responsibility

  • Coordinate people in advance
    • coordinate deciding the best date
    • find out who is coming
    • decide a deadline for joining
    • organise the "core group" to make agreements & decisions & SHARED GOALS & commitments
  • Finances coordination
    • Make a budget
    • Collect money ; distribute money to other teams
    • Make a report after
  • Cooking coordination
    • Make a plan of meals & list os supplies needed & storage
    • Coordinate cooking crews every day
    • Coordinate cleaning of the dishes
    • Be a "team leader" for the daily cooking teams
  • Cleaning coordination
    • Be a "team leader" for the daily cleaning teams
    • Clothes: Collect & put to wash, Hang to dry, Collect & fold
    • Rubbish : organise collection, make sure it's brought away
    • Coordinate cleaning of Floors & bathroom & the camping area
  • Driving & shopping + coordination
    • Be a "team leader" for the "drivers" team
    • Drive to the station (pick up / bring people), to the city & back
    • Drive to shop; Help shop ; unpack
    • Drive to the attractions
  • Be a contact with locals
    • Translate to/from Serbian/Croatian & English, Dutch
    • Talk to locals: neighbours, authorities, family
    • Connect "us" with local activities
    • OPTIONAL: contact with people in "the other house": Vesna's or Nikolina's parents
  • Activities & Time Coordinator : coordinate daily activities & schedule
    • Collect ideas about outings, workshops, performances...
    • Make weekly & daily plans
    • Check with other teams about their needs for volunteers
    • Help team-leaders to find volunteers for the activities of their teams
    • Make a proposal for the daily schedule, include meals, workshops, cleaning, shopping...
    • Keep everyone informed about the plans for that day & the next
    • Remind people about their tasks
    • Keep track of times & teach people how to adjust their planning

  • Documentation
    • making a web page in advance - as a manual or a guide or instructions
    • taking photos during
    • asking people for their input, impressions, experiences... photos...
    • writing a report after : collect photos, tweets, blog posts...
    • OPTIONAL: making a movie :)

  • Maintenance
    • small repairs
    • making things we need: furniture, outside-structures
    • helping with setting up tents & hammocks...

  • Conflict resolution & group dynamics
    • facilitating of the consensus-making process for groups
    • moderate group discussions
    • keeping up the group spirit: reminding people to share; reminding what our goals were ; and of CoC
    • being a "trusted point of contact" / "confidante"
    • mediaton between 2 people with a problem / conflict

  • Everyone:
    • Taking care of themselves
    • Parenting = taking care of their own, & other people's kids
    • Volunteering to do cleaning & cooking
    • Giving workshops (optional!)
    • Communicating :)

People Interested

  • Arnd
  • Kai & his family
  • Dorien
  • Shailoh
  • Daoud & his family
  • Patrice
  • Webmind
  • Leslie & her family
  • natacha & hellekin
  • Suncica, Oliver, Tara
  • Zoki
  • Podinski
  • Nana
  • Joost & his family
  • Pepi? Des? Shane? Holger? Acracia? Nienke? Bjorn (tux) ? Leli? Evelien & Sicco?
  • Marta & her family

Planning stage

Pricing Considerations

Transportation costs

Given the fact that the LikaCamp site isnt very close to civilization (yay!), transportation by car/taxi/horse is the most convenient manner to get anyone/anything there or back out again. Walking from the nearest bus/train location is technically feasible but involves about 12-14km through semi-rough terrain (dont expect to take a wheeled suitcase). Using a bike is possible too but would require some logistics first as there are no bikes on the premises normally.

Destination Description Reason Distance Duration Cost
Gracac Closest town Supermarket,tools,supplies,train,bus 14km (28KM) 24min (48min) Eur2.66 (Eur5.32)
Gospic Large town Rare goods,train,bus 63km (126km) 1h4min (2h8min) Eur11.97 (Eur23.94)

Food costs/prognosis

Other Links

Tips for organising events

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