Learning to Code Meetup IX

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Learning to Code Meetup IX
Date 2016/11/05
Time 14:30
Location ACTA
Type Meeting
Contact User:alvarocc

ooking for an opportunity t to learn to code and meet like-minded peers? Then join us for our next meetup!

Our objective is to provide a space of inspiration and learning, together with the opportunity to practice your coding skills, regardless of your expertise level or preferred programming language by following your own materials or tutorial. (IMPORTANT: Bring your own laptop!!!)

The meetup will take place at Technologia Incognita, a hacker space in Amsterdam, in the ACTA building. (How to find the space)

And here is how the day will look like:

-Meet & Greet (15 minutes)

-Presentation - A storage allocator Freddy Spierenburg will give a nice short talk about Pages 185 to 189 from the book ‘The C programming language (second edition)’ by Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis M. Ritchie present a simple first fit storage allocator. This session will present the idea, explain the inner workings and finally we can play a bit with it to see how it works.

-Practice programming (60 minutes) We will form small groups of people with similar expertise level and programming language interest, and each group decides what would they like to practice. We will have a collection of resources available for you select from. Also, more experienced programmers are encouraged to help with answers and tips.