Last 2018 meeting of, December 20

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Last 2018 meeting of, December 20
Date 2018/12/20
Time 20:00
Contact Jos, Muse, Thomascovenant

Wait, how did this happen? 2018 is behind us. All those summer days rushed past, another great LockCon to remember. New things learned, many locks left unopened. Oh, well, there's always another year. Hold on to your seats, our group makes a hop in time once again.


Toool Amsterdam meetings take place at Hackerspace Tech Inc.. The address: Louwesweg 1 1066 EA Amsterdam. The evenings start at 20:00 and normally end around 23:00.

Every two weeks, the Amsterdam and Eindhoven chapters of Toool meet. The Groningen chapter meets every month. During these gatherings, the members exchange tips and practice their lockpicking. Beyond that, it is simply a fun event, because the members come from the most diverse circles. It is simultaneously a chance for would-be members to come and have a look, and get acquainted with door hardware sport. During this introduction you get explanations of how a lock works, and why it is at all possible that locks can be opened without damage. Subsequently, you may open your very first lock with the club's tools! We are rather confident in our field, and promise that you will be certain to open a lock after receiving instruction! Some say that the feeling of your first lock opening is unforgettable, and incredibly 'addictive' :) You have been warned!

First timer? Please read this before coming: